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Introduce Yourself

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@SoulkingBrook @jmanof08

Welcome friends!! It's wonderful to have you. 

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Name: Shinobi MC
Age: 33
Preferred contact method: communicates primarily through symbol chat.
Hobbies: Only jobbies. Video game assets: music and art. Writing short stories/voice recording.
A little more about your self:
I got the luxury of growing up with a Sega genesis as a kid and purchased Phantasy Star IV from a discounted pile of games at a store in my local mall.
Now I'm trying to make video games that capture that classic jrpg aesthetic.
I also sample video games and record stupid raps, which is how I met my gf. Anyway, let's have fun and draw our characters.

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It occurs to me I don't think I ever actually posted here? Doesn't matter; if I did, whatever I said wasn't the truth anyway. I'mma fix that.

Name: Tony
Age: 35
Pref. Contact Method: Forum PM, in-game, don't care. I'm not here to tell you how to live your life. o3o
Hobbies: All-things video game—strongly favoring PSO, Warframe, & RPGs from the 1980s-1990s. I also have been studying various holy texts from about 10 different religions around the world for like 25 years I guess? I don't even know anymore. It's just a thing I'm fascinated by, and spend a great deal of time delving into, learning about ancient cultures and the like. Guess I could have just said theological anthropologist? Oh, also, I've written like 13 novels. The QWERTYs keyboard is the only instrument I know how to play.

Stuff about me: Sorry, I'm about to become a total downer for a while here. I started playing on this server a few years ago because I was hungry for some PSO, after playing Warframe for many years and wanting to play the game that started my online game obsession. That was I think about two years ago? As of last year, my father passed away from a combination of Multiple Sclerosis, a brain tumor, late-onset type-2 adult diabetes, and pretty much everything else life wanted to throw at my father. I had been his caretaker for the final 11 years of his life, giving up my own life in the process to be there for his needs due to our financial instability. It was during those years I took care of him that I undertook the conquest to write books—to give life to stories that had been floating around in my head since adolescence. 

There's one thing I'd like to point out right now before I go any further: I am currently a recovering drug addict. No, I'm not being humorous and talking about PSO—I'm talking hard drugs, opiate painkillers, that I was addicted to for the last 13 years. I suffer from Crohn's Disease, something that became more severe after a pretty life-changing time when I served in the US Air Force when I had just turned 18 years old. I was prescribed these life-destroying pills by a doctor, when I was very young, and so I simply assumed "surely they wouldn't prescribe something dangerous." Yeah, I was wrong. My reasons are theological for why I quit, and this isn't the place to really get into that: it suffices me to say, however, that it was the study of holy texts that finally gave me the courage needed to go cold turkey off of them. Something I was advised against, because it can actually kill you. But I refuse to buy into the $1,000 rehab clinics for prescription rehabilitation. I've gotten over the three-day hurdle, which is the worst part. I suffered through what is essentially low-key seizures, fevers, chills, hallucinations, fever dreams, full-body convulsions and the inability to swallow at some rare times.

Why am I telling you all this? Because PSO is the thing that's kept me sane. Life drove me to the brink, because I lacked proper self-control where it mattered most, in the end. With the loss of my father, which was my purpose for living for a decade, I felt horrendously lost. So I did what most people do in that situation: I sought things from my childhood, that I experienced back when things made sense and wasn't haunted by inner-demons every day. It's helped beyond words to simply play this game again, especially on a server I happen to quite like. The event pacing has kept me playing pretty consistently, rather than getting everything I want, getting bored and quitting. To that end, this server is the best for me and my preferences of how I want to experience PSO. Of course, I don't really want to get to level 200 for the 11th time, and the bonus exp multiplier is a wonderful change of pace. I'm still not one much for CCA Gal grinding, though. I do like to get excited when I finally level up now and again. ;p

OK I think I vomited my heart out enough here. Here's a picture of my wife and I's cats. Rudy's the odd-eyed (one green, one blue) tuxedo, Rosa is the cinnamon bun Maine Coon. Alongside PSO, and my faith, and of course my supportive wife, I still could have never broken free of the chains of addiction without these kitties. They bring endless joy to me.



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Name : MecaZora Hashwalt

Age : Android has no age, creator is 26

Preferred contact method : IG, Discord... you're lucky if I read your message there.

Hobbies : Jugram <3 but creator prefers drawing, taking photos, cooking, Legend of Zelda and playing with me :3

Picture of creator (don't tell her ! ) : nyanbox.thumb.jpg.e6573daaffe7de851db3ee6a7ca7a912.jpg

A little more about yourself : I'm a French Racaseal from NGC system. I like learning a lot and collecting some stuffs. I get married with Jugram this last February 14th and I want to eat everything in this planet :3

I like both of you, Pioneans ! <3

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Name : b0n3z5

age: 31

Contact: via pm

I started playing when a neighbor had got EP1&2 for GC and was playing online. Sadly I could never convince my parents to let me get online.  I played offline for 2 years and my friend helped me out with items before all the glitching.  I had multiple lvl 100+ charters.  One day a buddy of mine came over and shut down my gc in the middle of a save and I lost everything. 13-14 years later I started playing again via gc rom but never figured there would still be an online community.  Just last week I found these servers and here I am now.  I dont have as much time to play as I did back then but Im sure im going to have a lot of fun here.  

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