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Just when you thought my madness ceased?


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Season 2 of my crazy story is on the way so here is a recap of season 1

In a PSOBB galaxy far far away lies a server named ULTIMA.

There lies many hunters and GM's fighting together in harmony

But little do they know they are being drawn into a..


Season 1

Episode 1 Beginnings

Bueford Faber waited. The lights above him blinked and sparked out of the air. There were MONSTERS in the Ruins. He didn't see them, but had expected them for years. His warnings to Principal Tyrell were not listenend to and now it was too late. Far too late for now, anyway.

Bueford was a hunter for fourteen years. When he was young he watched the Spaceships and he said to dad "I want to be on the ships daddy."


There was a time when he believed him. Then as he got oldered he stopped. But now in the control room of the Ruins he knew there were monsters.

"This is Principle Tyrell" the radio crackered. "You must fight the MONSTERS!"

So Bueford gotted his Cannon rouge and blew up the wall.


"I will shoot at him" said the CHAOS SORCERER and he fired the rafoie. Bueford plasmaed at him and tried to blew him up. But then the ceiling fell and they were trapped and not able to kill.

"No! I must kill the MONSTERS" he shouted.

The radio said "No Bueford. you are the MONSTERS"

And then Bueford was a arlan.

Episode 2 Profound

As the 4th annual christmas event draws near, the community of ultima prepares for the festivities and celebration. Many new and old faces should be there also.

However things might not go as plan as everyone thought it would.

Since ther infamous and most wanted wtfbbq item Parasite GayGene Flow will be dropping, theres bound to be drama and bickering..

When an anchient evil known as common sense or darkforce gives birth to another sibling to Olga Flow and Dark Falz.

Some say this evil is powered by the rage of PSOBB players from different servers, mostly from veteran schtserv users like ADE,Crono & ZER0 DX, Marky and so on. (Not to burn anyone)

It all started when a hunter name blueford, who was well known and praised for being a great hunter. He was in the class of Heathcliff Flowen and Rico Tyrell..

Unfornately jealousy rained down upon this great hunter as the jealous hunters took away his power and mighty Sealed J sword, GuldMilla, Darthflow and Motav Profecy, and framed him for murder and treason and had him excecuted...

As the evils of hate and revenge confined him, he fell down to hell screaming "I will seek my revenge on the PSO:BB private servers!!"

This is where darkforce took action..

Darkforce said: lets see how these noob hunters can defeat my newest creation,THE PROFOUND LULZ.

THE PROFOUND LULZ ran into many legendary hunters across all psobb private servers.

ADE was once confronted by this evil but quickly defeated it by comparing himself to great minds like Plato.

K_i_r_e_e_k qucikly bested this evil with his godly imperial pick and empress.

But on our ultima, this darkness made one fatal mistake...

THE PROFOUND LULZ snuck on our server and trolled everyone heavenly, allowing broomop to sneak into our server and cause trouble.

It also possesed T.J and caused him to RAIGE! and put Lee in a state of having a nervous breakdown.

It also may be the key behind Nami's retardation..(J/k xD)

Anyway this evil was put up a fight but quickly and swifly defeated by Godric,Chuk,Dizz,and Buns in a 4man team of point of disaster.

Finally, Larva and the other GM's used thier powers to seal away this evil.

Was ultima
safe? Was all the psobb servers safe? Will this evil come back again?



Episode 3 Hope

In the central control jungle area , a tribe of monkey like creatures called gibbons lived in harmony. Speaking of harmony, they were in a middle of a celebration. A celebration of the arrest of the notorious troll JUSTIN BIEBER.


Yes, it was quite the fiesta........ Gibbons smacking their own asses and wailing, the flower monsters laughing and shooting poisonous projectiles every... until King Gibbles burst in and shouted 'WE ARE UNDER ATTACKED, THE HAUNTERZZ ARE HERE!'

One gibbon shouted 'BATTLESTATIONZ!' while the other animals prepared for war. Later as the Hunters drew near King Gibbles went to his son named Nutello and said 'YOU MUST GO TRAVEL TO THE EAST TOWER AND MEET EPSILON. HE'LL TELL YOU WHAT TO DO!'

Nutello shouted 'NO DADDY' and King Gibbles responded ' DON'T ARGUE WITH ME, YOU ARE OUR ONLY HOPEZ NOW GO MY SON!!'

So Nutello jump down the waterfall and swam down the stream to the Central Control Area. Moments later a fierce fight began between the Hunters and jungle animals. With in result the Hunters winning. Then ringleader of the Hunters approached the dying King Gibbles and said ' Where is your son GIBBLES!'

King Gibbles replied 'GO TO HELL..... BUEFORD FABER'

The ringleader laughed and shot the king in the head with his guld then transformed into and blue oversize arlan and disappeared with his Hunters.

Several minutes later, Nutello makes his way to the front gate of the east tower where it is guarded by 2 lofty Sinow Spigell.

The Sinow demanded the paraphrase, and Nutello shouted 'RAIGE' and he was granted access to the east tower and he entered.

Meanwhile in the city of ultima residents, a mysterious blue eyed hunter awakens and stares at ragol in shock.......

And so... the fate of Ultima rest in the hands of the 2 orthodox.......

Episode 4 CRACK

It's a average day on the main ship of Ultima,

an average for the admins that is....


A one person...

caused one admin....

​to accidentally..


ice cream





hot sauce all over the the server...

This caused a serious bug that affected animals and robots on ragol.

Thus giving birth to crack mode!

Now all the monsters with in the mode are overpowered and are able to neutralize the defenses of any hunter with the most efficient gear.

For example, one punch from a hildetorr will leave you with exactly 1 Hp....

it was intentional...

Later, Ultima residents are extremely aggravated that they migrate back to normal mode and higher officials forbidden anyone from entering the mode..


So nooow the admins are force to throw a meeting to address this issue and partake in a friendly



Andres,Arthas,fost506: Hey, gran gaylord grasa mio jejejeje!!!!


Mio: XD

Kajex: Lol

Choko: .......


R.a.v.s.o: Shouldn't we be working?


Xceptional: :D working! *beep boop*


:Lee: Everyone just go home i got this...*5 seconds later sromething Explodes*

Chuk: Lol NOPE!


Lee: *Bans chuk*

Michaelman; Being an admin is fun :)

Kevin: Yes....

Larva: Lee please be nice, and can we borrow that item creator too?

Lee: one thing at a time :onion-head82:

Finally, crack mode was balanced ;) however there was still one more problem...

T.J: guise can i get unbanned please???Now? Ive change and im a angel now okay? :)

Lee quickly responded and:






Nutello arrives to the east tower and inside he ridden straight to the top by those giant bee things. After arriving to the top, he ask the giant bee, do you troll skyly's? The bee replied, "because it has caused grief to many players because it's quite elusive. "

Nutello went into the control room and spoke to the great epsilon. Epsilon explained to him that he is the only one to defeat Bueford. YOU MUST GO TO ULTIMA AND.... *The Epsilon is attacked my hunters and drops a wedding dress, but Nutello has already escaped....

Nutello, think to himself "Where must i find a spaceship?" He notices that there are hunters going into the seabed looking for sue's coat and manages to make it to the cockpit of the ship and notice this song playing:

He launched the ship and went to the Pioneer Ultima and is suddenly attacked by ridley and space pirates.

RidleySSBB.jpg .
Whyyyyyy is this happeningggg. Thisss is the wrong gammeeeee! Then finally, after eluding the space pirates and alien dragon Nutello made it to the docking bay of Pioneer Ultima and prepared to enter. Meanwhile, the evil Bueford watched from his deathstar and grinned maliciously and said everything is going according to plan. He then demanded his minions to bring him the chuk dildo's for the assault on Ultima....
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