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Stop Dropping Zanbeacons!

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I'm not saying we should completely eliminate them from the server, but the difficulty in which they drop should be changed to normal or hard, and the drop rate should be changed. Quite sick of running the forest once and getting enough zan's to fill my inventory alone. its ridiculous. maybe, set it to hard, and the drop rate 1/30 or something? that sounds better.

I'm pretty sure everyone agrees with me (on ultimate) that the dropping of zanbeacon's almost every single kill wasn't the best idea. Can it be changed?


A picture of them on the ground. I've only killed 6 boomas so far.

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I told larva to kill it from ultimate already. I still see zero issue with it in very hard. Ultimate actually has some drops that are useful, but are unobtainable with bacon rain.

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Now it would be totally worth it if we could use the Zanbeacon as a trimate. OM NOM NOM Bacon sword.

I'm a carnivore, and I approve of this message. :D

Seriously, though.... Could one of the dev's copy over the once-per-ten-minute ability from GD? XD

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