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  • Member TitleWILSON!!!!
  • Age14 years old
  • BirthdayNovember 3, 1999
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    male.png Male
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original artist page: http://neon17.deviantart.com/
His profile: Nicolas
Current Residence: France

Favourite genre of music: punk rock

Favourite style of art: tradi et digital art

Operating System: Windows seven

For Cyane, whose link doesn't work, there's this:


Tis a screenshot of the actual page of deviantart in which Neon17, a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PERSON, is having their displayed. I'll have you note, on his deviantart profile, his name is Nicholas, not Colorado. Nice attempt at plagiarism though.

Thank you to the both of you who posted this. Plagiarism is not tolerated at school nor on Ultima!

Edited by Michael Mann
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Well... unless you sign your drawings as Neon... :onion-head82: man, i'm not that "Great" but i consider myself an artist and what you did is very disappointing!! :onion-head87:

Please respect us! At least give credit! -_-

Edited by srojasq
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Sorry Wilson. That deserves a warning point and a 24 hour ban.

Let this be a lesson to all, don't take others people work.

Don't cheat, if you cheat on this little mini event that i'm throwing for YOU guys, then you're cheating on me lol.

I hope i see a lot of art from you guys, even if it's simple, it will be nice to see regardless of how nice it looks ^^

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Don't add anything else. Your existing post will win. It's priceless. ^^

Yo Michael don't worry bro I'm working on a art work that will blow your mind !!!!!

i agree 100% :)

Edited by kajex
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I guess, have nothing better to do....but I won't color it, takes too long and I suck at it.

For a reference, my most recent drawing was this one.


This is mine by the way, SwordofLegends on dA.

Edited by swordep
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wow i like it =]

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