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NEED A ROLL BACK *FREAKING OUT* Jorlak Account Character Jorxl

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The account is called Jorxl something glitched my characters stats which were lv 169 reversed it back to lv 1

Its my slot 2 Fomar according to to choko I spoke with him about it he said it might have been the costume glitch -_- which I had no idea existed cause I changed it from black to white and then everything was gone.

All my super equips are gone

Virus Armour Lafuteria 4 slots

God Tech

Devil Tech

Limiter (4635) kills

Centurion ability


Virus Vol Opt

Magic Piece (once belonged to Kajex)

My ultima reaper 40 dark and beast no hit

My Zan Beacon +1 zero stats given to me from Chuk

Chuk's Dildo+9



lv 200 with twins

Stats are 150 power with 45 dex

My ultima Mag green lv 200 and 145 power 50 dex and twins and healing deer I won during a mini event I don't have any of my stuff....this really Bites.

I don't have a picture because I just recently started playing again all my lv 30 techs on my character are gone too because of me being lv 1 :'(

Except Megid that was klv 28 and my grants was lv 29 everything else was 30 :'(

IM FREAKING OUT MAN ITS ALL GONE! I don't understand! I don't have a picture I didn't ex[ect for this to happen!

ok My guild card Number is #42091421 for this fomar

and the time was earlier today its 7:53pm now this happened on 1/31/2013

between 12:00 am and 3:00pm

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I just used it because I could to ensure all techs would be maxed at 30 and No i didnt take any prints I redownloaded this to my roommates laptop I don't own my own yet I used to play allthe time and I just traded a spirit needle for a galatine sword and after that trade the character I went into the lobby and everything disappaeared and I was lv 1

I reset the game and tried to come back and everything was gone

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Title was in caps, so I just had to read it. Goodluck. ;)

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