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Found 31 results

  1. My Guildcard: 42155829 Character: All of my characters lost some items. Date/Time: 1/16/2016 - 5:13pm (Server Time) (This is the time i found out about this problem) I'm not 100% sure if it was a bug or someone hacked into my account but i lost my Red Ring (min), Heaven Striker (20hit), Psycho Wand, Magical Piece, Summit Moon, Glide Divine, God/Technique, Limiter, Heart of Angel, Heart of Devil, Ashura Mag Cell, and my Agastya is somehow now an Elenor mag (has same stats but i'd like to get my Orange Agastya back). Before with my items: http://imgur.com/AHnCWgN http://imgur.com/e306sOX http://imgur.com/DRp9g5v http://imgur.com/I1Kaf0o http://imgur.com/KSxj9W2 http://imgur.com/AHnCWgN After without my items: http://imgur.com/lpaRL9E ]http://imgur.com/o7GpEeC http://imgur.com/tAUO4MX (If you could somehow Rollback my characters to 12/27/2015 at about 3:52pm (server time) that is the time when i made the screenshot of the Red Ring, that would be great.)
  2. Guildcard: 42152422 Character Slot: 1 Date/Time: 11/10/2015 (November 10th), ~7:00 Description: When I logged in today my character was reverted to level 1 with no playtime, with only the default equipment on him. I left myself logged in on the dressing room option (NOT recreate) by accident for many hours, probably more than 8, last night, and I don't think I actually exited the game until very early this morning, probably around 7:00 PST. Apologies for giant image
  3. prior to this date my common bank was acting normal ( well as normal as they do ) date: 11-14-2013 If I recall correctly this was the same time as the first fatmar "glitch". I am not so much worried about the items, but I've come to realize I cannot have more than 7 items in it now. I realize this may not be able to be fixed as it was almost 2 years ago that it happened. GC# 42097753 any help would be appreciated
  4. I'm new to the server and don't know if this is a common occurrence, but I was depositing some grinders into the bank when I lost connection and was kicked to the start screen. When I logged back in all of my equipped items, except for my mag, were missing. I thought maybe I had accidentally deposited them, but they weren't in my bank either. Guildcard: 42098595 Slot: 3 date 6/22/15 @ roughly 10:00 pm
  5. I was wondering if i could get these levels back please. Right now im level 197. Guild card : 42147498, Slot : 1 Thank you.
  6. Hello i went to a mag feeding room just feeding a mag for a friend then somehow i got a random DC and log back in and i saw my inventory been wipe out. I am requesting for a Rollback. Checking the log time when the DC happen at this time. 12:25:15 (I apologise for this time since I dont remeber excatly the server time happen at this time but im guess around 10:25 AM PST Guild Card Number: 42148883 Slot 2 Date: May 13.2015 Screenshot Item in Dart Inventory Weapons: Dark Flow: 0/80/0/100/50 Double Cannon: 0/0/0/0/35 Excalibur: 0/35/0/40 Lavis Blade: I cannot remeber stats Asteron Striker: 0/0/0/0/0 Units: Centrious/Ablitiy Centrious/Ablitiy V101 Centrious/Power Armor: Brightness Circle Shield: Honeycomb Reflector Mag: Agastya Lv200 Stats: 5/130/60/0 screenshot of my Item inventory is N/A since I never thought this will happen to me. But next time I will take alot of picture as possible when this situation happen again. Thank you for reading this.
  7. I was playing at 11:00PM CST. Character showed at level 40 as usual. Logged in, went to the counter, made a room with a password as usual, and when I got in the room I was level one. All my gear was gone, all my items in the bank were gone, my mag was level 5 again, I had the starter 300 meseta.... I put a lot of hours into this showing the game off to friends who I wanted to play with, saving gear up for them, and saving up money for spells as well. I need a rollback to earlier today. I need to know how to go about this. Guildcard: 42147279 Character Slot:4 Level: 40~ When: 8/3/15 10:00PM UTC -6
  8. I need a rollback. I have no idea what happened to my character. I was playing with it just fine throughout today 8/15/14 and I was lvl.125 but now that im back on (8:31pm server time) my character is lvl1 and all my stuff is gone. Guildcard: 42093114 Slot: 1 Date/Time: 8/15/14 - 8:31 pm (Server Time) (This probably doesn't matter: The last person I played with was called juego lvl 193 or something like that. and before that I was playing with Bullet lvl200. ) (Also before this happened there was a time where I couldn't really log in, I would get as far as selecting a block and then it would stay there or send me back to the title screen) Anyway, Here's some old pics from a long while ago and of what happened :I
  9. Heyy, I haven't played the game in a while, like since around beginning of August. I do not know the exact date of when I last played, but I do know it was around that time. Anyways, my problem is that I get stuck after trying to login. After looking up the problem around the forums, I think all four characters are fatmars now... GC# 42089210 if you need more information tell me, I think I got everything down for this...rollback please :x? *edit* From what it looks like the exact date was on 8/3/14 *edit* Try a date around 7/26/14?
  10. I wanted to change the colors on my clothes so i went in the dressing room and then i got an "error" after i used it and bugged out.. So when i logged in again my character was Lv 1 again and i had lost all my stuff. i dont have any pictures before the rollback.. I was lv 115 FOnewearl before the "error" Name: Fexen Slot: 1 Guild card: 42120746 The time when my character was ok was 08-15, 7:00 Pm after that i lost everything.
  11. OCURRED: August 14 after 6:30 ish PM server time GUILDCARD: 42115879 SLOT #: 4 Couldnt unlock my other topic but I was cloned as Exo again. I dont know if it was caused by tower or just a general rollback from last night, former probably. Happened sometime after i logged out last night not sure when. The same rollback you did last time was perfect sorry to bug protoss again
  12. So I need 4 diets to go please and let me have a side of fries too with a coke. Guildcard: 42016920 Slots: Uno, dos, tres, cuatro Time of fatification: 27-7-14 8:35 pm GMT -6 (same as Soly's ) Lard pic: pics of my stuff: Thanks in advance
  13. Ok, i made a topic before but the forum got a rollback (ironic eh? ) Here we go again, i can't log in so i guess key_data stuff Guildcard: 42111642 Slots: All? Time: 27-7-14 8:35 pm GMT -6 And the pictures of the stuff
  14. Hiya. This happened to my account a while back, and I still can't use my common bank because the game tells me it is "full" even though there is nothing there. I have no screenshots of my bank before because I didn't expect the glitch to happen. I also don't remember the exact time it happened. All the items in my bank were erased as well. Common, and local bank Guildcard: 42088476 Pictures: http://i.imgur.com/dsW2VrV.png
  15. Guildcard: 42115371 Character Slot: 1 - Melody Info: Stored approximately 2-3k meseta in the bank and the game crashed. Now almost all of my items are ???? This happened approximately 30 minutes ago. May I have a rollback please? 9:30ishhhh PST http://i.imgur.com/KhY6Fcy.jpg
  16. I joined a room (i guess they dropped a ghosted item) and dc'd instantly this was around 8:40 pm GMT -6 GC: 42111642 Slot: 1 Name: MK8 Just lost a mag and 42 PDs here are the pics Inventory MAG Here is what i have left And here the pic of the ??? items The ??? items are 6 here is the list of what they are MAG Tellusis (5/165/30/0) (Twins - Leilla - Pilla) Trimates Sol Atomizer Moon Atomizer Telepipes Photon Drops x42 (i dont have pics of these, was going to trade) All my weapons and other equips are fine! so... i request a remake instead of a rollback (would be easier)
  17. Today larva reconfigured my php to help him again with the rollbacks. Anyway, I will need everyone which has a Rollback topic to paste only the direct link to their topics so i can perform them as fast as I can. I am doing this because, for me it is not possible which of the users who requested rollbacks are still playing or not, or already resigned about getting a rollback and moved on. *Note: Avoid me the shame of having to delete your replies which are not related to direct links to rollback topics. *Note2: Short comments will be allowed before pasting your rollback topic link, as long as they are not offensive in any way. (And again, if you do not have a rollback topic, your reply will be deleted.) *Note3: Everyone is free to answer in the poll, regardless if you pasted a rollback link or not. *Note4: This topic will automatically close the next saturday at this same time. (extended to 29/03/2014.) *Note5: I can't currently do the rollbacks but i will as soon as i can, however i need people to post here anyway so i have a order to follow while doing them. *Up-to down in replies makes it easier than having to look for the topics in the bugs sections for every language.
  18. This is what happened I was in a room and dropped 10 difluids, a friend asked who dropped this v502 (yeah idk how but i dropped my v502) so she picked it up and gave it to me after i reloged, then i was going to equip it and got the "couldn't find the item" error and you know that story When i loged after the error i got 7 weapons bugged!! All my units and 2 mags are there, frame and also my brand new red ring (let's make this funny although it isn't) So idk if this requires a full rollback or maybe just remake weapons because i have all my other items there (i still have the ???? items to drop if a GM can do this, and would be easier) Ok these are the details Info: Guilcard: 42111642 Slot: 2 Name: MK8 Time of bug 2:40 pm GMT -8 02/24/14 here are the pics of the inventory bugged and here the pic of my weapons (i did all the % on one pic but they can be read) I'm not going to post the other equipment pics because they are fine in my inventory (if are needed i'll post them) And i'm missing these weapons Yasminkov +25 (0/0/0/0|0) Charge Vulcan +9 (0/5/0/0|40) Charge Arms +10 (0/0/0/0|45) Spread Needle +40 (0/0/0/0|0) Froozen Shooter +9 (30/20/0/0|20) Hell Laser +25 (50/0/0/50|30) Heaven Striker +20 (0/0/45/100|35) [this one may be crazy, but squish can confirm it]
  19. so yeah..i need a rollback on my 2 GC's..all slots gc# 42103825 and gc# 42112501 to: 09.Feb.2014..about 10 p.m. THANKS!
  20. Okay so i logged on today and found that my RA's Stuff was completely missing except for 9 dimates. I checked all my banks and nothing was found. Idk what happened but I'm pretty sure i need a rollback or something. but any way yeah I need help i lost a yas 7k with hell 10 hit, a yas 9k with demon 10hit, Charged Baranz Launcher 30 hit, lvl 148 or so Diwari mag, 2 Cent/Powers, and other things. It's nothing too expensive but its a real inconvenience to me as I'm not very rich XD so yea @ internet time 689 9:40AM(GMT-6) 1/30/14 4th character slot 42016920 Pictures:
  21. Hi, i just get D/c from the server by equipping my mag, then when i came back all my inv was full of ???? items. Time : 21:30:00 (GMT+01:00) the ingame clock was probably before 00:00 @ 900 Slot number 1 Char name:-Ys GC number:42112440 screenshot :
  22. Hi ! When i wanted to equip a hp/noob, i disconnected and my whole stuff was only "????", so i need a rollback please. Guildcard: 42099850 Character name : *Vrad* 4th slot and it happened at 2:30AM EST. Hola! Cuando yo quería equipar un HP/noob, desconecté y mis cosas todo era sólo "????", Así que necesito un rollback por favor. Guildcard: 42099850 nombre del personaje: *Vrad* 4th slot y sucedió en 2:30 EST.
  23. Hola! ...pido rollback otra vez porque me desaparecieron los items por un problema de conexion, o desconexion en este caso. Le pedí a Basshunte (GC: 42091729) que me ayudara a hacer un mag Deva, el me dijo que tenia otro personaje llamado incognito (GC: 42111400)... solo me faltaba un nivel, entramos a una party cuando le iba a dar el MAG, me salio ese error de desconexion 101 (creo), cuando volví a entrar al juego no tenia ningún item, solo la meseta Esto me sucedió como a las 10:00 am Server Time Estos son los datos: Personaje: Soly Guild Card: 42111642 Slot: 1 Acá estan unas fotos de lo que tenia tambien los niveles del MAG y ahora que todo desapareció al parecer el bank no se afectó! fueron solo los items del personaje Gracias!! y disculpen por la molestia!
  24. Estaba conectada en mi cuenta espontaneamente el dia de hoy. Hice un trade y de ahi consegui un bringer arm, posteriormente lo converti en rifle. Cuando me fui a ep4 para añadirle hit, el juego me desconecto y al volver a logearme solo aparecieron 2 items de todo mi inventario como se puede apreciar en la siguiente foto http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=21cv0no&s=5#.UrEBSOKFeB5 No pude tomar foto de mi inventario por el inesperado mensaje pero si de los objetos del trade que creo tambien se perdieron, la bringer de la foto de arriba es de trade en las fotos de abajo. Sange & Yasha Bringer's Right Arm Guren Rage De Feu http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=30x8z1c&s=5#.UrD-keKFeB4 http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=33cn91l&s=5#.UrD-2uKFeB5 http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2ai2es9&s=5#.UrD_N-KFeB4 Ocurrio aproximandamente a las 7:15 pm GMT-6 GC: 42098150 Slot: 4 Fueron aproximadamente mas 15 objetos de valor a los cuales no les pude tomar foto
  25. Hi my character name is MiNiDonK I lost all my gear including my 2 mags after a crash everything in my inv turned into ???? And then disappeared. I'll do anything I can to help. Please roll me back D: I'm sorry if I'm posting in wrong area I'm just desperate for help. Thanks, Sam
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