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Found 8 results

  1. This Sunday is going to be my last day here. After that, I am going to request that all my topics be locked, and my reputation be reset to zero (seeing as it is causing problems for people). I will still visit the forums so I can receive PM's from people who do message me. I will be quitting PSO for an unknown amount of time. Unlike some people, (Wont say who -.-) I actually plan on not coming back until I see a good reason too. I can sit here and explain many reason why I want to leave, and why others want me to leave, But I figured that I would only start more trouble. As much as I love trouble, there would be no point in a post like this. My items will be staying with me. As much as I want to hand them off, I will need them if I come back. That is if I do eventually come back. As I said above, I will visit the forums still, But you will never see me in game. If you have any reason to get in contact with me, You can add me on Skype, Steam, or PM me. I started playing on Ultima around January 2011. So I have only been here for a year, I have met many people, and experienced many things. I would like to say I have made friends, but even I don't know what these "Friends" truly think of me. To the people I hate: You have been spared more annoyance then you can possibly imagine. I was planning on having a fun little "event" but I changed my mind at the last minute. I don't want to get banned for good yet, do I? To the people I don't know/never met: You missed out on the good times. To the GM's: I think our never ending game of cat and mouse really was enjoyable. Maybe if you try hard enough, you can hope to achieve the level of Oswald To the people I consider friends and acquaintances: I will remember some of you, and I will still be speaking with a certain few of you. We had some good times together, and maybe we will have some more. You made the days bright and fun, and I can say that without you, Ultima would be a very very boring place. I doubt many of you have met a person like Oswald XD RAPE-BOT will be gone, but not forgotten. So keep those asses nice and clean for me ^.^ I can say, without regret, that I helped shape part of the Ultima we know of today. I may not have the best reputation, but I WAS very well known! ~Galo Sengen~
  2. I'm gonna start doing C-MODE soon and I will be looking for 3 COMPETENT people who will join me. I can play as either a RAmar, RAcast, HUcast, or FOnewman. So it's your choice what you want to play as. If I already know you, it would really help. If you are a friend of mine, It would be even better. Once I get 3 people to do this with, we will come up with a set date to begin. If we can do it well, we will schedule another date to do it again and so on. Only post here if you are interested. You do not need C-Mode experience to join in. Thanks. Members are as follows: 1.Me 2.Zeph 3.Poptart 4.???
  3. So I just joined a game and this is what I see... Is this a bug? Or some new change for the item? I'm the leader of my team, and it always worked before... Let me know about this as soon as you can, I love this weapon, and if I cant use it...
  4. So I was playing an RT with Schala, Buns and Hunk. Even though the game difficulty is set to Ultimate, the enemies were the normal version for me. So I was doing damage that I would be doing on Normal, and taking damage I would be taking on Normal. Then the Gol Dragon glitched up, where no matter how much damage we did, he didnt get injured. Finally he hit half way, and 3 minutes later he suddenly dropped dead and gave us no EXP.... Here is a pic of me in Temple and as you can see the enemies are the Normal version. I only have PSO, Google Chrome, and Skype running in the background. And Steam too, but nothing else. I was not hacking, or using a bug to my advantage. I posted this so mio wouldn't think I was. Is there a reason for this? Because I am honestly not a fault...
  5. So.....As soon as me, Larg, Zeph, and May entered the tower, I dc'ed. -.- There was nothing to take pics of aside from my desktop :/ It completely exited my game. Here is the pics of me entering the lobby and looking at my amazing inventory of Scapes I was going to bring along, and "????" Items I would have been using to plow our way to victory lol. And now...pics of my shit for proof (though I doubt you need any seeing as I just got them back in a previous rollback xD) Slot #3 GC: 42016826 Feelsbadman xD
  6. Joined a game with niyuki, Orchimar, and Rico. I take the pipe to ruins, and equip the mag Rati. I suddenly get a message on my screen, then it went away and I was disconnected. I get back on and notice my inventory has been replaced with ???? Items. I'm missing the following items: Dark Meteor+25 (0/0/50/50/50) Zerk Needle+70 (0/0/0/0) Twin Brand (0/0/0/0) Electro Frame 4 slots V101 Centurion/Ability x3 Red Ring Rati Level 100 (5/45/50/0) Misc Healing units. GC# 42016826 Slot 1. Happened less then 20 minutes ago. Need a rollback to receive my items. Thanks. Furthermore, yuki and I were talking, and he said that it might do something if I deposit the items in the bank and change skins then come back, I put 1 ???? item in the bank and it promptly DCed me. Now my inventory is empty and my bank has 1 ???? item in it. Problem didn't get fixed either. lol.
  7. I made a game with my character, Bun'Kar, and went to my bank to take out a Zerk Needle I just bought, and I noticed my inventory was empty of all items except meseta. I reloaded blocks and it did nothing. I dont have a pic of the Items I just recently traded over to this guy, but I have a pic of my empty Inventory and an older pic of my character. My inventory was fine last night, so this must have happened randomly over the last 18 hours. I'm missing the following items: Cannon Rouge +30 (35/25/0/0/45) L&K 38 Combat (20/15/15/0) Diska of Braveman (?/?/?/?/75) Wasn't on my TL, forgot to add it for some reason, It has 75 hit, I dont remember the other stats though. DB's Shield Heavenly/Power x3 v101 Agastya Level 200 (5/125/70/0) Mylla & Youlla (Twins), Estlla (Dolphin), and Pilla (Beam Attack) Low level generic 4 slot frame. Character slot 4, GC 42016826. Rollback would help out big time, I really need that Cannon and Diska back. Here are some pics. This is when I didnt have the weapons I use now. This is of my empty inventory -.-
  8. Well, as some of you know, there is an item called STEALTH SUIT. It is an armor obtainable by doing the quest Gallon's Plan. You must collect 20 "Photon Tickets" to purchase it. The stats aren't exactly bad on it, but could do with a little upgrade. PSO-World doesn't even have it listed. It has a unique feature of turning you semi-transparent. It hides your weapon, mag, and most of your body while standing still. When you move, you will become a little more visible, yet your mag and weapon will not show. Finally, when you attack, your body becomes completely visible. I will demonstrate using some pictures. This is a picture of me using the STEALTH SUIT while standing still. This is a picture of me using the STEALTH SUIT while moving. This is a picture of me using the STEALTH SUIT while attacking. This is a picture of me using the STEALTH SUIT while standing still, and as you can see, enemies will still track me. I believe that the STEALTH SUIT should have the ability to mask your presence while in hostile territory as long as you are standing still. I think it would be unfair to give this advantage to everyone, so to even it out, we could raise the level of the item to around 150-180. Or if you really want to push it, even lower the stats a tiny but. (Personally, I think the stats need a tiny increase.) The one exception to the stealth ability should be bosses. No boss should be able to lose sight of you, even with it on. It would ruin the balance of game-play. I understand that it takes time to do things like these, but I feel that it would make STEALTH SUIT more sought after, and more worthwhile to get. Again, this is just an Idea I had floating around in my head for the last few months. I wanted to talk about it earlier, but I needed to collect info from other players about the item, and what they thought of it. Thanks for your time! Let me know what you think about this!
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