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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I would like the manual for this game's basic functions or at least a link to it. I'm having trouble locating this on the forums and the players in game recommended that I look on the forums for a full list of controls. I can play the game and pretty much have an understanding of the basic combat controls: W=Walk forward. A=Turn left, hold to walk left. S=Walk toward camera. D=Turn right, hold to walk right. ←=Use action 1 →=Use action 3 ↓=Use action 2 ↑=Reset camera to rear view F1=Function command list. F12=Character menu, inventory Spacebar=Begin chat, ENTER to end chat. Enter=Use, Pick up, Activate Elevator/Switch/Door Though I feel this could easily help me through most of the general game, I wonder if this is only ⅓ of the commands because I see people doing smilies and there is an entire hotkey 1~0 whenever I'm in combat that makes me think I can set commands or skills to. Plus I remember being able to do various emotes like falling over or sitting in a chair in the main hall, stuff like that. Can someone link me to a manual or a fully functioning PDF or something that will help? If you know all of the regular commands, please post them and maybe I will make a PDF myself for this server. I don't know, I feel like I'm really in the dark, it's been several years since I've played PSOBB but I'd like to get back into it.
  2. Well since today the server is using a new experience system. so please don't freak out. hope you people like this. if anyone has any question just post it here. @Choko give me the idea of using a table based on the level of the character to use diferent experiense system. credit for the code of this are for @Choko he did the code of this table. and this is how it works. characters from level 1 to 160will use exp x3, characters from level 160 to 200 will use exp x2 . (but this table will be overide if a event of experinse such EXP x5 is on the moment) Español Bueno desde hoy el serveridor usa un nuevo systema de experiencia. asi que por favor no se alteren. espero que esto les guste. si alguien tiene una pregunta por favor escriba aqui. @Choko me dio la idea de usar una tabla basada en el nivel de los personajes para usar un systema de experiencia diferente los creditos the este codigo son para @Choko el hizo el codigo para esta tabla. Y asi es como funciona. personajes de nivel 1 a 100 usaran experiencia x3, personajes de nivel 160 a 200 usaran experencia x2 (pero esta tabla sera anulada si un evento de experiencia x5 esta en el momento)
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