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Found 3 results

  1. I want to use this old thread to upload my recent and future skins with the intention that @Larva make use of them upgrading or creating new ones, my current proyect is to update Dark weapons skins maintaining their original style, i already finished Psycho Bridge and im currently working on Dark Meteor. I also looking guidance for Model swap weapons. i want to thanks YukiSenoue for the tools guide back in 2015.
  2. More than 100 of the fabled Parasitic Gene Flow have dropped this year. Is it enough? Thought you were done hunting it this year? What about the drop rate? Enjoy an encore PGF weekend at a drop rate that larva calls...
  3. Shisui

    S> Items

    Centurion/Battle (offer) Soul Booster (offer) RAmar Night Sabers Storm Gladius 0/0/0/0|50 DB's Saber AUW 3069 0/30/0/0|40 Katana Yamigarasu 0/0/0/0|0 Yamigarasu 35/0/0/0|0 Swords Calibur 0/0/0/25|35 Calibur +2 0/20/0/0|25 Red Sword 0/0/0/15|0 Partisans Soul Banish 0/20/0/20|0 Soul Banish 0/0/0/35|0 Fists Angry Fist 0/0/0/0|35 Raikiri 0/0/0/0 Daggers Charge Ripper 0/0/0/40|45 Slicers Diska of Braveman 0/0/25/40 Guns Raygun +1 0/30/0/25|25 Rifles Laser +4 0/0/0/0|30 Frozen Shooter 35/0/0/0|0 Yasminkov 7000V 0/0/25/20|0 Launcher NUG2000-Bazooka 35/0/0/0|0 Mech Guns L&K14 Combat 0/0/30/20|25 Samba Meracas 0/15/0/0|0 Red Mechgun 0/15/0/30|0 Yasminkov 9000M 0/0/5/0|0 Shots Arms +1 25/0/0/35/35 Lords Arms 0/30/0/0|35 Dark Meteor 50/50/0/0|50 im looking for a Dark Flow or SonicTeam Armor for the Dark Meteor Canes Club +5 30/0/0/0|30 Windmill 0/0/0/0|25 Rods Valkyrie 75/0/0/0|0 Mercurius Rod Fatsia 15/0/0/15|0 FOnewm Nightshad Swords Soul Calibur 0/0/0/25|15 Double Saber Stag Cuttery 0/0/0/0|35 Rifle Fill Laser 20/0/85/0|0 Rod Valkyrie 0/0/85/0|0 RAmarl #2Nasty Sabers Devils Gladius 20/0/0/0|40 Riffles Frozen Shooter 20/0/25/0|0 Cards Mahu 0/25/0/0|30 FOmarl Mystiic Rods Psycho Bridge Shields Hylian Shield List will be updated dayly c: dont pass the whole nice stuff c:
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