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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, everyone! As you can see That I'm no longer a Force character...from now on I'm going to level up as a the game's greatest hunter of all, Ash! And rest to assure that I will be the greatest OP hunter in the entire system! A Humar that swoops out the battles of my dangerous opponents and this time I got something that is a heart of gold! What will the luck of a new character that will faces the toughest of them all and seek the dream that has it all? This is going to be the new era for the greatest hunter of all time's sake!
  2. Hello My name is Joshua Alves I am a returning player since schthack is basically was the server I was on it was a lonely place no one was on so ive turn to u with guidance I will play fair ok ik ive been bad in the past but the past is behind me after all this is 2018 fair is fair
  3. Hi guys! This is my first time playing Phantasy Star Online. I hope we can play together if anyone is interested.
  4. Hey there guys!!! I switched Servers from Schtserv to Ultima yesterday and so far, im very happy about that! The Community seems to be friendly and helpfull. Also, it's not as desolated as schtserv. The main reason why i started that Topic is because i lack of knowledge. I played PSO like 6-7 years ago on my gamecube. Offline, on my own. Got a HUcast to lvl 70 in like 1 year of playtime. (idk if this is good or bad. But it was hard to beat everything on my own) I'm pretty happy that i can Play PSO again. this time with mates! So here are my questions!: 1. I started as a HUcast. I just recognized that the start is pretty rough as a meele. Got someone to help me and reached lvl 33 in like no time. But im overthinking my decision on playing a HUcast. Is the Hunter class any good in the endgame Content? I feel like all i can do is singletarget damage. Would it be better to Change to RAcast or a FO class for endgame? 2. If i stay with HUcast, what weapons should i go for? There are various good weapons, but i dont know which will be the best im my case. I dont wanna singletarget Mobs forever. What are the top Hunters here playing with? 3. How fast will i Progress? Is it neccessary to search for help for ttf or can i Level on my own at a pretty decent Speed? Would another class help me Progress faster? 4. I heard of weapons Like Agito or Monkey King Bar but i dont think they were obtainable on the GC Version i played. Are there weapons that are not in the game? Is it possible to find every weapon or atleast trade them? So far so good. I would appriciate every single answer. TY guys, i hope we will meet ingame. I'm really excited to Play with some of you in the High-Level-Content.
  5. mylandra


    Hello everyone, I'm the Queen of noobs and Empress of noobishness. We are looking for more noobs to join us upon this nooby noobstomping journey. We have a few active members in the team and people who will help you achieve your goals in this game. We also have proud noobies who like to do challenge mode, so feel free to ask me if you wanna be part of that adventure =D If you don't join the team now, the noobness punishment judgment will befall upon you! ONLY WORKS ONCE EVERY 100 BEATS. Requirements : - Able to speak english - Play this game obviously - Likes to troll lobby all day - Just enjoying the game - AND LAST MOST IMPORTANT PART, TO JOIN THE TEAM YOU MUST GIVE ME A MONOMATE I will be hosting an event soon for noobs to make a forum banner. The winner will get goodies, so feel free to start now if you're already part of the team
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