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Found 5 results

  1. What's up everyone? :") I have a request for music in lobby!! A few years ago, this song was in the lobby, could I put it back on? It's a very good song for the lobby, if anyone else likes the idea, please leave a like in this post to be added again! You can also comment on other songs to keep in mind.
  2. Hi! I have just recently found out Ultima Blue Burst and I wanted to play this game again just like I did back on the Dreamcast. However, after I downloaded the update and launcher, I saw that it installed music that I was not to fond of hearing in the lobby. I tried deleting the custom OGG music folder but the launcher kept installing them back. Is there anyway I can essentially "remove" the custom OGG music? It's not that I absolutely hate these tracks, but I just want to play the game with only the official soundtrack. You may type your answer in English, but Japanese would be very appreciated.
  3. Hello there, is it possible make lobby 11 the principal main lobby of the server? would be nice get a diferent tipe of view like that. Just see ^^
  4. When you used an NPC skin (most of the time 6 or above) and didn't have the hair/head #1 for your character, your character model wouldn't load in the lobby. This was solved and should not happen anymore. If it does, let me know posting here.
  5. Quinten Herron


    Hey you know what would be cool some type of shout command you know how gm's can shout or mass msg the entire server what if the players could do this. I know if you let everyone just shout if would be an issue of spam and other stuff of the nature but what if you had an item (something like a pd with the same rate) or maybe you have to consume a certain amount pd's (to stop spammers i would make it pricey but affordable to were everyone can do it but pricey enough to were they cant spam it) for it. seems like allot of work but would be cool. i have more ideas if you want to pick my brain pm me (this is just something i thought of more for fun and joke's than it is for getting attention of another but could be used in that way)
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