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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, its james again. I am revamped and ready to post. glad to be speaking again. FinalPacman spends lots of time at work on calculating[1]. eg. it takes over 20 runs of path to salvation on redria farming crushbullet. still wont find one with hit. drops are 2 to every run sometimes 3 and tallying drops[2] eg. using blue star memories or other quest for pd. a person can tally 3-5 pd an hour best case scenario. worst case would be 2 every 1:0 mins, or workflow[3]. eg. usually on a normal day there is approx. 3 to 5 hours of free time this can get close to 5-10 pd value. He often forgets to use the forum, i being a big part of blue light, i appreciate my time on the server. the game has treated me well and i have learned to better function on the computer/ Recently i found that school, employment and relaxing things take up most the young adult life. Me being a landscaper ill will be taking off in the near months, the rain shall pour and the material will be a plenty to scape. Gladly i have spent my winter working on the number of hours it takes to gain material grinders and various rares. The last adventure i took in the recent two days, gathering information such as it takes 4 hours and 30 mins to gain 99 powmaterials on greenil, hu. the mission to gather was easy going and worth the value of 5:1 ratio. this was recently the quota=3>1pd, originally on the server in past. power materials can make a huge difference for a intermediate leveled hit fo or exceling ranger. advice for new players is to gain pd to buy from bystander player. using blue star memories. which brings me to the topic, of the value of pd, it being a consumable in the market. It also can provide service if paying a higher ranking player to grind for you via purchasing rares or actually hiring a player to help. this would be leveling requires patience and a helping hand, i jacky in game am available to help if you ask? pd at one point had more value, since there has been quest(can not remember the name) Int. Defense Systems (ep 1 Ultima quest) }to gain multiples of 3. donation tickets to pd is another conversation. gradually building pd can be fun. i I look forward to hearing yalls thoughts about this topic, i would speak more; there is to much going on and need to stay focus. this is my general thoughs right now. the blue burst can be a great source of utilizing time and proof of work. talk to you later :keep your eyes open and your mind on task and continue gaming. i look forward to the future adventures.
  2. Ok many users have been wondering what happened to happy hours. Well here we will discuss the fate of HH. Ok first of all we 'll have a poll that lets users vote for the future of this feature (happy hours). Ultima server needs to cut off the redundancy of happy hours(HH). HH along with other factors, has brought the economy of the game to a really bad level. It's true that there are other causes affecting the economy (like donations, but they are needed). HH affects this more directly, because we dont receive donations every week. On the other hand HH has been going on two times a week during probably more than a year. Therefore we needed to come up with something to compromise. I know most of the users likes HH and that's understandable, so we will vote for the feature of HH. This being said, we come up with following options ( and users will vote for them) . 1.-No more HH ever (self explanatory) 2.-HH will occur at random times & Major Events (random time = no previous warning, no announcement, it might take up to 2 months for HH to show up.) 3.- HH will be turned on once a month (not on weekends) (for example : third Wednesday of each month)) 4.-HH will just be used to support major events. (seasonal events like the anniversary of the server, December, Halloween, BUT NO MINI EVENT.) ------- Español Ok muchos usuarios se han estado preguntado que ha sucedido con Happy Hours (HH). Vamos a llegar a un acuerdo en que sucederá con HH. Bueno primero que nada pondremos a votación el futuro de HH. Ultima server necesita cortar el uso continuo de HH. Los hechos son que HH y otros factores más, han desbalanceado la economía de Ultima. Un factor más a esto pudiera ser las donaciones. Pero las donaciones son algo que necesitamos para sobrevivir. Y las donaciones no afectan tanto como HH. Por ejemplo HH ocurría 2 veces a la semana durante ya más de un año. Y las donaciones no recibimos 2 a la semana. Así que por este motivo hemos llegado con unas opciones a discutir. pondremos aqui las siguientes opciones por las cuales podrán votar y pueden sentirse libres de dar su opinión ya sea en inglés o español. Aqui todos contamos. 1.-HH llega su fin para siempre. 2.-HH ocurrirá en momentos aleatorios & Eventos Mayores. (esto no se anunciará, no habrá notificación previa, solo se efectuará en un momento aleatorio, y puede llegar a tomar hasta 2 meses para que se presente) 3.- HH será usado una sola vez al mes. (tercer miércoles de cada mes) 4.-HH solo será usado para dar soporte a eventos mayores. (aniversario,navidad,halloween, NO MINI EVENTOS).
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