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Found 5 results

  1. MAG POW 5/145/50/0 20PD ELENOR PB Milla & youlla/ EStela/Pilla
  2. Trying to make myself a high MIND Elenor. I have 3 PD's to offer for one. Lemme know if you're interested, thanks!
  3. New MAGs on the way Colours White Green They can be the following MAGs (You must provide the mag cell, i can hunt it but the price will rise) Agastya (Liberta Kit - Black Paper's Deal 2 Hard Difficulty) Tellusis (Dragon Scale - Shambertin/Kondrieu Normal Difficulty || I will be trying to get this cell from time to time) Elenor These are the base stats they have 5/22/23/0 i will add any stat you want until level 200 Price 20 PDs If you dont have that amount we can work something out, check the spoiler
  4. Christmas is full of good presents here in Ultima starting from the 10th of December Special drop for bosses And St Rappy will be dropping The Mag ELENOR St.Rappy can be found in ep2 in Temple , is a rappy with Santa Claus dress LMAO Here is the drops for the bosses. Ultimate Gal Gryphon Ultimate: Special Drop:Tablet Mag cell / Heart of Morolian BarbaRay Ultimate: Special Drop: L&K38 Combat / Crazy Tune / Phonon Maser Gol Dragon Ultimate: Special Drop:**Earth Wand Brownie Saint Million Ultimate: Special Drop: ***Galatine Shambertim[Point Of Disaster]: Special Drop: Valkyrie Kondrieu Ultimate: Special Drop: ***Girasole. Ragol Dragon Ultimate: Special Drop: SONIC KNUCKLE / SOUL EATER De Rol Le/Da Rai Le Ultimate: Special Drop: HoneyComb Reflector. Vol Opt v2 Ultimate: Special Drop: ASTERON BELT / KROES SWEATER Dark Fallz Ultimate: Special Drop: Df Shield V.Hard Gal Gryphon V.hard: Special Drop:Harisan Fan / Game Magazine BarbaRay V.hard: Special Drop: Amitie's Memo Mag cell - Puyo Gol Dragon V.hard: Special Drop:Murasame Saint Million V.hard: Special Drop: Rambling May Shambertim[Point Of Disaster]: Special Drop: Tension Blaster Kondrieu V.Hard: Special Drop: Toy Hammer / Kunai Ragol Dragon V.Hard: Special Drop:Green ring / Syringue De Rol Le/Da Rai Le V.hard: Special Drop:Broom / Chameleon Scythe Vol Opt v2 V.Hard Special Drop: RA- MERGES Red/Yellow/Blue RING's (no red ring) Dark Fallz V.Hard: Special Drop:Daisy Chain+ The special drop for the bosses will end the day January/8/2012 Esperaremos a los Reyes Magos por eso hasta el 8 xD. And the most waited Item Parasite Gen Flow Olga flow will be dropping this Item .... P.GenFlow date: Starting from Dec-24 - ending January 8 2012 Drops are not 1/1 so don't start posting "the items is n ot dropping , help here " ore anything like that .
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