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Found 2 results

  1. I seemed to have misplaced my Demonic Fork somehow.. cant find it anywhere and I need one. I have PDs, DTs, trades, whatever..
  2. To date, I have donated $166 to this server; $69 in January alone. Also, I am a sub-leader on two different teams and a generous, fair player who enjoys helping others. I think I contribute a lot in time and money to the help make this server a popular and positive online community. So I have some questions: 1) Why does it take from December 11 to February 25 to get help while I watch other players get resolution within a couple of days? (My more recent ticket took from February 9 to February 23 for a rollback.) 2) Why am I told that an item which I have screenshots for cannot be warrantied in a rollback? (My demonic fork is still missing but I have been informed by Larva that it cannot be restored as there are "no warranties on rollbacks." ) Yet I have seen other players' items restored even after a rollback. 3) As a paying member of this community, I would like to know why I am being treated in this manner? If my money isn't helping me to keep my hard-earned items or paying for debugging the server, then why should I continue to donate, or play on this server, for that matter? I can't imagine putting in the many hours to earn items for myself, my team, and other members, only to have the frequent bugs and server crashes take it all away without hope of resolution. I assume this server is kind of like a business and I feel that I am a faithful customer. I realize the GM(s) have other duties and appreciate their dedication to making this a fun gaming experience. However, if you would like me to continue to donate to your server, I respectfully request an explanation for this treatment and the return of my missing demonic fork. I know that I play many hours and you couldn't imagine that I would give it all up, but I am discouraged and considering quitting for good. It's just so frustrating to invest so much time and money only to lose things due to bugs and crashes without hope that they can be restored when I have documented evidence of what has been lost. I don't really expect special treatment, just fair treatment. On the other hand, if I am being ignored because I have somehow offended the GM(s), I would appreciate some honesty so that I can address those concerns.
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