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Found 2 results

  1. Ultima Christmas Event 2020 Santa Claus has arrived but accidentally dropped all the children’s promised toys on Ragol once again! The monsters ate all of them. Slain them to get the presents back! Here is Santa Claus’ presents list: Click on item names for full details Swords Asteron Belt Chameleon Scythe Crazy Tune Daisy Chain Galatine Girasole Harisen Battle Fan Murasame Sonic Knuckle Soul Eater Toy Hammer Guns L&K38 Combat Phonon Maser Rambling May
  2. Well guys finally , the event of Christmas is here. it's late but it is here. We worked hard in this event, to bring new stuff to all the member. This event has his legacy, probably is one of the most waited event during the year. This year we come up with new events and new things for the server, all member of the staff and also regular member helped in different ways. This event is the last of the year please enjoy it and have fun. Thanks Ultima. more detail of the event will be added soon. just as a minor detail. make sure to keep in a safe place your Proof of Sonic Team. Out of a chee
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