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Found 4 results

  1. Finally we decided to offer a VoIP (voice chat) service to the players. our VoIP voice chat server is running with the most stable and best service that is currently out there. Mumble! was a pain in the ass to set it up properly (blame ZeroICE api XD lol). any way you guys wont have any problem at all to connect to the server. you only need mumble software that can be obtain from http://mumble.sourceforge.net/ download windows client. once you download just configure your speakers/mic. then add our server to your list of server. you will need the IP/domain address
  2. seria posible mejorar el sistema de mensajeria? que exista un sistema de chateo en tiempo real, asi como el chatbox pero a nivel personal. y que suene cuando te llegue un mensaje. Eso seria genial y mucho mas practico.
  3. guildcard # 42174619 fourth character slot date 2/16/17 3:30pm guildcard user # 42176597 sent me message today and i never got them. switched blocks and restarted no help. delete card and readded. no help. i have also lost a few cards that have been given to me in the past week. sorry if not filled out to the rules. i tried to look them up but the link i tried was broke. it was old.
  4. EN Hoi Ultibums! I've been wishing for more symbol chats from this game i'm a bit obsessed with. All you gotta do is take a screenshot of your undertale related symbol chat, best one wins 20bones an ID change and a mat reset or 20 dts. ES Hoi Ultibums! He estado deseando para más symbol chats de este juego que estoy un poco addicta. Todo lo que tienes que hacer es tomar una captura de pantalla de tu symbol chat relacionado con undertale, el mejor gana 20 huesos un cambio de id y un material reset o 20 dts. PT Hoi Ultibums! Tenho andado a desejar mais symbol chats deste jogo que es
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