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  1. stats.. need to be at 5 DEF / 146 POW / 49 DEX / 0 DEF I need atleast 24 ATA (48 DEX) in order to max ATA for HUcaseal. Thanks Nightmare for making me realize 30-45 DEX mag doesn't work out!
  2. As stated I want a 5/27/18/0 or 5/177/18/0 mag with 3 PBs/twins, the level 50 can be whatever, the level 200 I want a Tellusis. I decided I want to buy one because I simply have no desire to raise mags anymore and even if i did i work 2 jobs now and don't have the time Paying 15 Pds.
  3. Hey guys, is it normal that i can use my Glide divine like in that picture? When i hit 'use' my hp gets to 1hp. Dont think thats normal The other thing is, when im feeding my Mag (Ushasu) it becomes a Ila. When i re-enter a room, its back to Ushasu again. Also the IQ wont rise. Probably its just a handicaped Mag. But is there a chance to heal my Mag issue?
  4. Since nothing but my mags are selling, this is now purely a mag shop. I am back in business! I suffered a massive hard drive failure but I now have a shiny new SSD! Also I am working now so I might not pump mags out as fast as before but I am willing to take orders! Spoiler 1 contains mags already sold as a reference for what I can do. Spoiler 2 contains mags I currently have on hand to sell. If you want something I don't currently have, drop a message below or a PM! Spoiler 1 Spoiler 2
  5. looking for 5/147/48/0 or something that comes close pm me!
  6. Hi all, It's hard to type a meaningful topic haha!! I would like to know how it's growing (pictures!!! hahaha) and the stat of Ashura Mag Cell (e.g. PB100 would heal or sth?) If there is anyone can tell me, millions thanks!!
  7. Just opened a bunch of X-mas presents, so I have mag cells to sell! Rappy's Wing x2 Heart of Angel x4 Heart of Devil x6 Panther's Spirit x5 Kit of MARK3 x5 Kit of MASTER SYSTEM x4 Kit of GENESIS x9 Kit of SEGA SATURN x8 Kit of DREAMCAST x8 Ashura Mag Cell x4 PM or post if interested. Not sure on price on most of these, so we can talk. P.S- I also have 3 Noob/HP to sell
  8. All should be 1 pd unless otherwise stated Name of cell | Stock -Cell of Mag 213 | 1 -Heart of Oppa Oppa | 1 -Heart of Angel | OUT -Heart of Devil | 2 -Kit of Hamburger | 4 -Panther's spirit | 3 -Mark 3 | 11 -Master System | 2 -Genesis | 2 -Sega Saturn | 12 -Dreamcast | 7 -Heart of Morolian | 2 -Ashura | 7 Special Deals 1) All 5 Console mags for 4 pds (Mark 3, Master System, Genesis, Sega Saturn, Dreamcast) 20% discounted 2) Buy 5 cells, get 1 free (not included as part of first deal) Just figured i'd clear up the clutter in my bank and such from present hunts, if you don't agree with something or have questions, please leave a message here or pm me. If you are interested in buying something, please do the same thing, posts here or pm's are fine
  9. Resta Merge 7 pds (no twins) 3pbs Agastya 10 pds yes
  10. My Varuna (lv 34) turned into a Marutah (lv 35) even though I fed that part on a ranger. I wanted it to turn into Mitra hence why I was feeding it on a ranger. is this normal or a bug? Thanks
  11. Guildcard: 42159307 Character Slot: 2 Date/Time: October 31st 2015 - Between 1am and 2am Eastern Time Zone Description: I used a Mag cell 213 on my Level 200 Mag and it became a Preta. It was supposed to. However, I went into a room later, and it turned into a Churel. Can you change it back into a Preta, please? Comments: I don't think this has anything to do with anything, but I have two mags with me. I've been using my Level 200 I have from my first slot while working on this character, and have been feeding the new one. Guildcard Lauqe 42159307 FOnewearl Jpn. PINKAL
  12. Have you ever wanted your very own little scorpion buddy to follow you around to boost your stats, make you invulnerable, or grant you S&D? Well look no further!! Welcome to Kukulza's Nidra Pet Mag Shop! vvv More color examples below! vvv (source: http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=2388 ) Nidra Info: http://pso.wikia.com/wiki/Nidra Current Nidra Stock 2x Green ▀▀▀ 1x Yellow ▀▀▀ 1x Black ▀▀▀ SOLD 1x White ▀▀▀ 1x Red ▀▀▀ 1x Orange ▀▀▀ 1x Blue ▀▀▀ 2x Forest Green ▀▀▀ All these little guys come as 5/150/45/0 with 120% Sync and 200 IQ, and Twins/Pilla/Estilla! I'm charging 15 Photon Drops each. Take home your very own Nidra today! Also selling Photon Crystals for 5:1 Wants list: Hylian Shield (I'll add more to this later, it's all a work in progress) Thanks for looking!
  13. 42157831 slot 1 5am 4/11 pst mabye was helping some guy on normal ttf and the game crashed halfway so i log back in and my mags vanished stat where 10/64/32/0 kama if that helps much thanks
  14. Hi I'm kinda new here, I have been leveling up a few characters in my spare time, and as such I have been swapping my higher-level mags between the characters as I level. Tonight, on Sept 5th, 2015 at around 8:40pm (Pacific time) I just took on an episode 4 quest, switched to common bank and tried to withdraw my mags. they left the bank, but never landed in my inventory. I tested the disappearance glitch to verify it with a Brionac partisan and it diappeared as well (but I'm not overly attached to it) The Mags however... I'll be so sad if I lose them, because.. those took time to figure out and level up ; ; Ill try to recreate their stats as best I can from memory, The first one was a lv 200 Gray Savitri Defense 15 Power 135 Dexterity 50 Mind 0 Synch 120% IQ 200 middle blast: Estlla (ranger dolphin) Right blast: Pilla Left blast: Milla/Youlla Second was a lvl 200 Hamburger mag, idr the original mag color (wish I hadnt used that mag cell though ; ; ) Defense 15(?) Power 15(?) Dexterity 80 (definitely) Mind 90 (definitely) Synch 20%-ish IQ 200 Middle blast: Estlla (ranger dolphin) Right Blast: Pilla Left: Milla/Youlla Thrid Mag I am actively Raising lvl 71 Asparas, I think black color Defense 10 Power 24 Dexterity 17 Mind 20 Synch (?), probably 0 IQ (?) Middle Blast: Farlla (hunter snake) Right Blast: Pilla left blast --dont have yet--- (trying to get Milla/Youlla) I took a screenshot of my guildcard and where I am standing once I realized what happened. I blame these NPCs, they wanted my mags and stole them D:< lol http://i793.photobucket.com/albums/yy211/quantumsteam/150905%20PSOBB%20Ultima%20Tabor.png but seriously, Im so sad right now, is there any hope for me? /weep
  15. Hello, this is my stuff.. PM pls Demon`s Laser 0/0/50/50/50 hit > 4 pd Berserk Vulcan 0/15/0/0/40hit > 5 pd Stag Cutlery 0/0/0/0/35 hit >2 pd Caduceus > 1 pd The sigh of a god > 1 pd Mille Marteux+11 30/0/0/0 >9 pd Clio >7 pd Daylight Scar 0/25/25/30 > 2 pd Aura Field 4 slot >2 pd Morning prayer 1 slot > 1 pd Kroe`s Sweater > 20 pd Congeal Cloak > 1 pd Crimson Coat > 1 pd Lieutenant Mantle > 3pd Striker Plus > 1 pd Regenerate Gear B.P > 1pd V501 > 1 pd V801 > 1 pd Heavenly/Arm > 1 pd Bhima (mag) 5/145/50/0 15pd Resta lv 30 > 3pd Gibarta lv 29 > 1pd Foie lv29 > 1 pd Razande lv 29 1 pd Barta lv 29 1 pd Rabarta lv 28 1 pd Grants lv 28 > 2 pd Gizonde lv 26 > 1pd Shifta lv 25 > 1 pd Zalure lv 25 > 1 pd Grants lv 24 1 pd Rafoie lv24 1 pd Jellen lv 24 > 1pd Def Material 10: 1 pd Mother Grab+ > 30 pd
  16. Chokolina


    Hello I have some mags to sale: No twins: Sato cream 5/0/50/145 15 PDs With twins: Sato white 6/150/44/0 20 PDs Rati pink 5/145/50/0 25 PDs Sato yellow 5/150/45/0 20 PDs I will also accept items worth the price of the mag.
  17. for x5 pow mat, x14 def mat, x5 evp mat, x9 monogrinders, x6 digrinder, x3 trigrinder + perf resist
  18. Looking for a black mind Sato. (if not black i can live with a Cyan one too)
  19. I was training my mag Ila earlier today when I realized the stats were wrong. It had 8 def 7 atk 38 dex 0 mind. When it should have 5 def 12 atk 45 dex 0 mind. If someone can help me with this I would greatly appreciate this. My Guild number is 42153945 and the character slot is 3.
  20. Hey guys first of all my in-game main character is Nash my guild number is 42155034 I was feeding 4 mags at the same time and before i leveled the Kalki (34) to lvl 35 i send it to bank and swtich to my ranger and then switch back to my main, all good there. When i logged back in with my main character all my mag stats were completely different and the kalki a level to 35 was again 34 lvl. The two Kaitabha evolved into Garuda and they both had 45dex and 5 Def and the Kalki evolved to Surya. Now the two Garudas somehow turn back into kaitabha and no longer have the 45 dex (which i need to make my special #4 mags) now the dex they lost went to Def and the Surya turn back to Kalki. I really don't know what happened there and i need help getting those stats back. I whish i had screenshots from before the bug but had no idea something like this would happen. This was about 10 minutes before i created this post.
  21. All mags will have twins, estilla, pilla PB's.. I raise generic Satos with 5/150/45/0 or 5/0/45/150. Or I can raise a stat maxing mag for your class. If you request a stat maxing mag, please tell me which class, and details about how many of what mats you've used so far. Cost is 15 pd for generic stats, 20 pd for custom/stat maxing mags. I have several in the making already-- power: orange x2, pink, light blue, green, mint green, black, purple, cyan .. and mind: red, orange, purple leme know if you'd like to reserve one I'll also raise other mags to your liking.. I can also make nidras and diwaris.. If you just leme know what color and stats ill try to make it work.. but my process for satos is tried and true so i like to stick with what i know Im just a small town mag farmer whose trying to make it in this PSO world Thanks in advance.
  22. Hi, Cyanide told me to report this bug here. I have a Bhirava MAG, currently at level 82. The weirdest thing happened about 2 days ago. I logged in to find my MAG gained 2 DEF, and lost 5 DEX (It was at 50). Not a huge bug, but it does affect the stats I wanted to give it. I am hoping you can fix it, or otherwise reset the DEF to 5. Thanks! G card: 42153486 Character slot 1. EDIT: I feed my MAG Sol Atomizers and Monomates.
  23. Herro im here cuz i want to buy a mind mag with atleast 180 mind other stats i dont care about i will take any mag preferably Agastya or sato (any Color) but any other mags will do fine thanks )))
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