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  1. A few things to note before you read: 1. This isn't the EXACT story. I don't know every tiny little detail. If you know there's something wrong, message me and I'll fix it 2. This only covers episodes 1 & 2. I don't know the storyline behind 4. If you care to message it to me, feel free. 3. This is actually kind of long. Don't read it if you don't care. Now, without further delay, let's begin with Episode 1: After extensive advancement in technology beyond our current reach, the pollution created by the mechanical age of man has caused the earth (Let's assume it's earth, a name is never given) to start to wither and die. Areas of the planet have become uninhabitable to human life, and these areas are growing exponentially. With this crisis at hand, planet earth sent out their bastion of hope: Pioneer 1. This ship had been sent after a planet that had been determined to be habitable by humans. The ship contained mostly soldiers, sent out purely to scout the planet in hopes that it could be humanities' new home. Ragol is the planet they found. At first, when soldiers were sent to scout out Ragol, almost none of the animals were hostile. Reports including the wildlife status and habitability of the planet were sent back to Earth. They saw promise in Ragol, and sent out another ship, one almost entirely full of the first group of people hoping to settle on the surface. Before their arrival, a large explosion occurred suddenly, and all contact with pioneer 1 was lost. When Pioneer 2 arrived, Pioneer 1 was missing in it's entirety. The structures that were created on Ragol were perfectly fine, however there was nothing to be seen of those who created them. They soon set down troops to the surface of the planet, however unprepared for what they faced. The creatures on the surface of Ragol, unlike the reports given to them by pioneer 1, were hostile and soon killed most of the troops they sent. The hunter's guild soon started giving jobs to hunters to explore the planet and find out what happened. That's when you come in. The protagonist's first destination is the Central Dome, the base of operations for Pioneer 1 operatives who were on the surface of Ragol. There you find the dragon that attacked you, with no new leads on what happened. The second location is an underground cave system. You find the De Rol Le, an experiment Dr. Osto, one of the scientists on Pioneer 1, was working on. It escaped into the sewer system and would have gotten much stronger had it reached the ocean. (Wink wink, Barba Ray) Next is a set of mines, where Dr. Osto's research took place. Finally it's the Ruins. The ruins have much more backstory than any other location. The ruins is in reality a space ship launched from an ancient planet that acts as a prison for Dark Falz. You fight him, defeat him, and save Pioneer 1. However, he was originally released when Heathcliff Flowen and Red Ring Rico fought him. That's the end of Episode 1. Now, before we continue to Episode 2, there's some things we need to discuss. Mainly, Red Ring Rico and Heathcliff Flowen. These two were personnel originally found on pioneer 1. After the explosion happened on the surface of Ragol, they were stranded without any communications with anyone but each other. They went through the same areas as the protagonist, with Rico leaving the capsules you find. Messages to explain their story and help an unfortunate adventurer along. They went through all 4 areas, finding and fighting Dark Falz. They, however, lost. Rico was killed, her soul stolen by Dark Falz. Flowen escaped, however not without injury, as the Del virus had infected him via. a wound inflicted by Falz. This begins Episode 2. 7 years have passed since the events of Episode 1. With signs of life mutated by an unknown contagion, the hunter's guild have continued the process of hiring hunters to explore Ragol. The VR Temple and Spaceship are tests laid out by the president of Pioneer 2 to find hunters capable of doing the job. When you arrive on Ragol, you're on an island named Gal Da Val. This island had a large number of facilities on it, and your job is to investigate an organism much larger than the other inhabitants of the island and seek access into the nearby facility. After using 3 access panels, one in the seaside area, one in the mountains area, and one in the jungle area, you return to Pioneer 2, and are given a task. This task is to explore a seabed facility found by Pioneer 2. This facility houses a large number of deadly creatures, as well as the Olga Flow in a shaft that was meant to be a disposal area. You defeat him and head home. This concludes Episode 2. Flowen, after getting injured by Falz, found his way to Dr. Osto's facility on Gal Da Val island. There, in the Seabed facility, he gave himself to Dr. Osto to study. His injury had begun to grow, as the Del virus was growing within him. Instead of notifying the other members of Pioneer 1 about the threat the Del virus posed, he began to take samples of it and started testing. He used the samples of the virus on various wildlife samples, to a dangerous conclusion. Eventually, he took his testing further, allowing Flowen's body to be merged with an AI, dubbed Olga, and the wound fused with it. The result of this ended up being Olga Flow. This is where our story ends. I'll be putting up a passage on Episode 4 in the instance in which someone decides to explain that to me, but I think even less people know the story behind Episode 4 than 1 & 2. It really is an amazing game. I hope you've all enjoyed. Thank you.
  2. Hello ladies and gents! I'm a HUmar without a good sword (which is NEVER a good thing)! I'd like one of these with hit (if no hit perhaps we can still work something out), if anyone has one let me know stats on it. Can either buy with PD or trades. Just a sample of things I can trade. Red Slicer 35 hit Vivienne 40 hit Red Saber 30 hit Red Coat 4 slot Chain Sawd no hit but has decent stats Charge Gatling 50 hit Guard Wave 4 slot and several other decent odds and ends If the stats are good enough I may offer my Jizai 35 hit or Sange & Yasha 50 hit If none of these interest you, I am getting DTs soon so leave stats if you are interested, I prefer PM since I don't check forums as often as messages! Oh, also getting a new mag soon so I may offer my Red Sato 5/150/45/0 with twins If the sword is particularly nice anyway, thanks for looking!
  3. "The Man known as Heathcliff Flowen" This Topic is going to be aimed at the person we all know and love as part of the Phantasy Star Online Storyline 'Heathcliff Flowen' which you can obtain a hint to his real name from the 'RED Weapons' you find on the game which spell out "heathcliff" if you put them all together (I will list them below). So I decided to give you guys of ULTIMA some more entertainment and put together this next Video which is much longer then the last one it's like a mini movie of Flowen but anyway I will upload that below also, so be sure to watch it guys and tell me what you think. "heathcliff" Red Saber: "he" Red Sword: "a" Red Dagger: "t" Red Partisan: "h" Red Slicer: "cl" Red Handgun: "i" Red Mechgun: "ff" Furthermore 'Flowen' is my personal favorite character in the whole of PSO, and I would love to know who is your favorite Character from the PSO-Storyline. I mean most of you guys have seen my HUmar MASSFLOW now which uses the '/npc 6' skin to turn into Heathcliff Flowen which is my favorite <3 and he's a Whitill as well so this makes it legit haha. Anyway enough of me going on about Flowen for now and enjoy my Video, here you have it: According to PSO-Wiki: Heathcliff Flowen is the commander and chief of the army of Pioneer I, and is the main focus of the Episode II storyline, which is to confirm whether he is dead or alive. He is a renowned master of swordplay, even teaching his ways to pupil Rico Tyrell. He wields his Sword, a version that has had many copies which are known as Flowen's Sword, and a Shot type weapon, as both of which are mutated into Olga Flow's arms later on and these mutated weapons can be used by players, though the means to acquire them is not currently accessible. Copies of Flowen's equipment can also be found and equipped, namely copies of his sword, his Shield and his Frame. These can all be combined to achieve stat bonuses. Heathcliff is first introduced in Episode II, creating a log of voice messages similar to Rico's. It is later revealed that the messages sent to the government were not actually previously recorded--but were sent in real time. He is the first (alongside Rico) to discover what Dark Falz is (which he refers to is as 'IT' in his logs) and he is heavily wounded by one of its spawns. This is no normal wound, however, as he contracts D-Cells (the base of many monsters) and the "Parasitic Gene Flow". The wound slowly grows and consumes his body whole, essentially acting as a leech. Believing himself to be dying, he admits his body to the scientists of Gal da Val island for research purposes, on the condition that two of his requests would be met. The first, being that Pioneer 2's migration to Ragol be postponed, and the second, to send a letter to his family and friends informing them of his death. These requests are not honored, and this sparks the incidents in Episode 1, namely Pioneer 2 witnessing the explosion on Ragol's surface. Using samples from the wound, the scientists primarily sought to recreate the biological life forms that Dark Falz had created when he began to possess the wildlife on Ragol. Moreso they wished to control the specimens (later named Bioweapons) for their own selfish uses. Feeling betrayed by the government, Heathcliff begins to regret donating his body and realizes that neither of his requests were honored. This would mean that the Pioneer 2 colony would land upon Ragol with no idea how bad the situation actually was. The scientists had one goal for Heathcliff's body; use it as a core for a D-Cell life form. They decide upon using the AI 'Olga' which was aboard Pioneer 1 supercomputer along with 'Calus'. They merge 'Olga' with Flowen's body, and allow it to be consumed by his wound entirely in hopes that it would allow them to control the life by means of using the AI. However, this goes horribly wrong as both Heathcliff and Olga are entirely taken over by the wound itself. The result becomes Olga Flow, the final boss encountered in Episode II. The name is most probably derived from the name of the "Olga" AI and "Flow" as a contraction of Flowen, which was the name also used to designate the particular infection that the military master suffered from. Realizing that the experiment was a failure of exceptional proportions, the science team dispose of Olga Flow in the Lower Seabed Levels, an area appropriately named the "Test Subject Disposal Site", where the core of the AI 'Olga' once resided before it was recovered for the experiment. As Heathcliff says in his final log moments before his apparent death at the hands of his mutation, "I am powerless, yet I have everything. In this dark abyss, I wait for the savior of the red captive child. My destruction at the bottom of the deep abyss. I wait. Heathcliff Flowen." However much about Heathcliff Flowen's existence inside of Olga Flow is still unknown, but the fact that the beast can switch forms from Flowen and that there seems to be some sort of intelligence behind the monster suggests that some sort of spirit is within it. This is confirmed in Episode 3 where the spirits of Flowen and Rico come to a compromise.
  4. Hello im selling theses flowens for the super mini event, open for any good offer XD Flowens auw 3079 Stat native/abest/machine/dark/hit 0/35/0/0/25 0/0/0/0/20 0/0/0/0/35 0/0/25/15/15 0/0/30/0/25
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