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  1. u suck 

    1. McLaughlin86


      I hear you snoaaaaring :3

  2. Dear Emewn, 

    I checked your discord today, YOU banned me for no reason. I've been nothing but nice and helpful to you and your guild and feel like your banning me was very harsh and uncalled for. I always support you on forums and up vote your posts. I FEEL ATTACKED. please supply the reasoning for this unjust ban from being one of the 500. 

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    2. Emewn


      We’re currently at around 770 team members. I knocked off a good 20 for the the people with extra accounts

    3. Emewn


      folks might be active in the upcoming events. Uark we love anniversary and Christmas events xD that’s when people like Leezy return haha ❤️ 

    4. Emewn


      Actually.. anniversary and Christmas event both never dropped anything I hunted for lol idk if I love those events that much xD 

  3. Welcome back !

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    2. Anmastey


      I don't remember XD it was a long time ago

    3. Flatmen


      It was like 6-7 years ago

    4. Anmastey


      yeah I know :P

  4. i hope you're having a blast camping :3

  5. waffles are serious business sir. DO NOT MOCK waffles.

  6. personally i think its a good PD list but a few items i think are a little to pricey are Galentine its a event item i know but, its only useful at one time in the day and is really only useful on a FOmaral/FOmar and like i said only useful for one time in the day. and zero divide is rare i give you that but useful not so much its special is blizzard but it is the only pair of daggers usable by forces so i would go 35-40 pds and the same goes for Galentine other than that good work guys :3
  7. 590=Anmastey 78= Radda<3 =668
  8. ouiouiouiiiiii hi :3

  9. <3 ouiouioui♥ i misss yooouu chuk!

  10. rocket dock is the software i use on my desktop and yes it is a gundam wall
  11. OMG NO WAIT CHUUUURRRCCCCHHH ( i hope colk sees this first)



    1. dooby


      anma your avatar is so perfect with turtle and zack.

    2. Anmastey
  14. it is summer desu~

  15. ouiouioui♥

  16. ouiouioui♥

  17. radda radda ♥

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