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  1. Like I expected, when I do it this way, and start it up, I get the old version, what is running smoothly until it has to connect. Then I get that unexpected 903 error again ( that I love so much ). Anyways, it was worth the try, someone has any other ideas? What file is in charge of connecting to the server, what's the name of it? chuk
  2. first off, I already made a topic about this : If you are keeping getting the 903 connection error, some others aswel as me are having the same problem. Larva mentionned something about the DNS update that could cause this. He will fix it when he gets up ( we hope ) chuk
  3. But you can connect and play? Any graphical issues while playing? Have you changed any setting (resolution, quality,... )? chuk
  4. Hi, I got some trouble with the new patch : 1. I downloaded the Spanish patch (accidently) 2. Replaced everything in my PSOBB folder with the patch (unzipped with 7-zip) 3. Downloaded the English patch 4. Also replaced everything with it 5. I rebooted my computer 6. Whenever I try to run it I get these glitchy images : Hope someone can help me to resolve it. chuk
  5. Wazaaaaaaaaa!

  6. Random PSO clips with lounge music, enjoy
  7. chuk

    MM lost hit

    Yes, i was indeed unsealing 2 limiters, i'll edit it the first post. I remeber having trouble with autosort and the "/killcount" command. chuk
  8. Hi, While i was checking the stats of my MM i discovered the hit% completely disapeared. I don't know how long it has been w/o hit, but i got several proof (pictures) of it back having the 45% hit. My other main weps have still their hit, so this is just weird. (Took me a while to find a good OS, also got proof of the OS stats if needed) Extra info : I am/was unsealing 2 limiters (whenever i used autosort, the killcount command would give me 0 kills) Name : Chuk ID : Bluefull Nr. 42012849 Slot: 1 Here some proof pics : With hit : Now it is w/o hit : This has happened before with a force wep of mine, but I cared less. What can be done to get it back? Thx in advance, chuk edit : Acording to Zynetic, it could be a common bug : chuk : (10 Jan 2011 - 10:42 AM) hey zine, you know why weapons somehow lose their hit? Zynetic : (10 Jan 2011 - 10:44 AM) It's a Tethealla bug. Zynetic : (10 Jan 2011 - 10:45 AM) It happens randomly; what causes it, I don't know.
  9. chuk

    Post your drawings

    Lets revive this section A vanquish-based sketch I made during a boring course Could be a ranger type cast? ^^ Please post your sketches in this topic aswel chuk
  10. Welcome, and lets hope the server goes up asap chuk
  11. Hi everyone, I'm chuk 19 years old Loved the GC version of PSO and now finally some online experience thx to ultima 1. Ranger level 35+ atm Speaking : English, french and dutch. Fav PSO weps on GC : - Yasminkov (rifle) - Frozen shooter - Spread needle Hunting these aswell on ultima =) Anny help/tips are welcome!
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