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  1. Does the exe work on windows 7? If so, anyone have experience with it? My launcher is downloaded and installed, when I go to press play the game loads then immediately both the game and launcher close I tried the basics (run as admin) idk what else to do, i know nothing about the Application of Ultima
  2. https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/tool-box/commands/ Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
  3. There is a command to change your section id! I unfortunately don't know it off hand but i know its on the page here somewhere. If i find the link I'll drop it Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
  4. The max attacks are a lot of fun! Havent tried all the missions yet tho!
  5. how is the best way to farm for star atomizers for mag feeding?
  6. Oh you are Trigunman too! I saw you running around on that toon later after I met you on Triforcer haha. Nice to meet you! Ya this seems to be a very wide spread group, it's awesome!
  7. is it 500 players that play this game, or various others? Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
  8. Hi all! I'm played pso ep 1 back on dream cast and gamecube. It was one of the most fun co-op games of my childhood. I only ever played co-op, so i never even got the full experience of the game and online experiences. I am absolutely ecstatic that I finally discovered this website and server (ive still been playing solo on dolphin emulator over the past few years) So, i wanted to introduce myself. I go by Mr.Goat in games [emoji4] I can't wait to adventure and make friends with all of you. I started a fresh play through last night and am lvl 21. Ill be hosting a party everytime I'm online, come and say hello and adventure!!!! Party name will be "goatlord" I'm 26 yo male, i work for the science museum of Virginia and like to RP my character [emoji23] especially becsuse I love SAO and .hack//sign Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
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