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  1. tron was an awesome movie so was the mario bros movie even though its heavy on the cheeze. try here if you wanna see tron watch tron online try here if you wanna see super mario bros watch super mario bros online
  2. yeah found these about a year ago and i watch them when i feel like laughing at design stupidity
  3. Feigned-Exis


    here is another epic lego video!
  4. yeah trully a fail product. look at these vids for shit loads more! http://www.youtube.com/user/JeepersMedia
  5. Feigned-Exis


    here is a great one i just love it!
  6. Great list i agree though you should try all the star oceans i have the only one i couldn't complete was number 3 Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time.
  7. not bad my first build of my computer was a quad core 2.8ghz about 1 1/2 years ago. my friend initially built it and i watched him do it, ever since i have been upgrading mine and the rest of my house's computers myself.
  8. thats what i want to do when i don't have 3d comissions when i finish university
  9. a gift! thats one hell of a gift! what do you do for a job?!
  10. holy crapsicle on a stick! how much you fork out for that.
  11. those specs dj are slightly worse than my laptop but are way better than my first laptop. But that is understandable i have always bought my tech to handle stuff like 3d programs and photoshop (yes i can also use that) games have always been an afterthought. i rarely use my current laptop anymore anyway, anything i want to do i do on this baby.
  12. HI hows everyone doing! This little post/poll is for those who want to tell people about thier computer specfications for bragging rights! . (Or if larva wants to use this post to gather data on what people are using to play the game and to improve stability.) To start off I will post my self-built computer specs for all you to fear! mwahhahahahaha! . On a side note all this power is for my hobby of video games and university work of 3D Animation. All the specs I have uploaded were grabbed by a free program called Speccy if anyone wanted to know how to get the specs quickly.
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