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  1. so it wasn't my internet speed, as i got new PC and use same wi fi thing now, must have been the graphics card or something on old PC... guess it's hard to pinpoint the real issue when it;s a hardware error
  2. i'm gonna conclude this at it being slow internet speed causing the DCs, i can't really think of any other reason and my internet speed is only maxed at 72mbps cus it's a cheap wi fi stick
  3. same as that dude, i'm putting it down to low connection speed or something cus since i made my resolution lower and minimum graphics and clicked some other stuff in options the DCs have become less common, either connection speed issue or directx issue i'm assuming
  4. hmm you tried adding it to an exception to your antivirus?
  5. what kind of crash? error 100 and get taken back to main menu? or does it just say psobb has stopped working?
  6. so another place it's started happening is when i enter the boss room in PoD...... that one is actually annoying as fuck your one sounds like a DEP issue though... if it's an actual crash and not error 100 then you need to put pso.exe as an exception in the DEP settings on windows
  7. now it's just worse lol, i DC at other places like end of PoD happened twice, once before using teleporter to boss and once after using teleporter to boss, also DCd a couple times in lobby1, also DCd a couple times picking up a luck mat from the npc after christmas quest, had that happen twice, but all these DCs seem to be recurring places, just not 100% of the time
  8. Skyly Epsilon VH - confirmed twice with 2 different people getting them in my party edit: forgot to mention it's the Orb
  9. no :/ the DEP issue was causing the client to crash, not the DCs... i still can't figure out what's causing me to DC after PB... i thought i had it fixed when i added pso to exceptions on windows security essentials, was working fine all day, did about 20 PBs, during LHB quests, group PBs, solo PBs, not DCs. then all of a sudden it started happening again.... i'm getting really stumped on ideas now
  10. ok so now i''m pretty sure it's Microsoft Security Essentials that's causing me the problem... but i'm not sure how to stop it from detecting PSO as a threat without actually detecting the threat first.... i added all the pso files to excluded items from scan and all that did is make the problem worse by making the game crash a lot more instead of just getting disconnected.... i'm getting close to the problem but i'm running out of ideas here edit: NVM ignore this post... for some reason PSO.exe had gotten removed from the DEP exception list somehow, maybe when i reinstalled and was playing with it
  11. ok so i found this link... seems the be another guy having a similar problem, finally found someone else that had a similar problem and fixed!!! https://www.pioneer2.net/community/threads/constant-disconnect-issues.10105/ so after reading all that, i already done the DEP thing, so must be an AV problem? i tried to turn off windows protection for PSO for now see if that helps, i didn't think the windows protection would causes DCs ingame.... owell let's see if it helps will update if i dc again or don't dc for couple days.
  12. Ok this is definitely happening mostly after PB, not really any other time it happens, done a reinstall of the game and still having same issue :/ really starting to effect my gameplay now i don't know what to do can someone bump soly in this or something?
  13. hmm ok nvm, spoke to one and starting to feel like it's just bad connection speed, even though it's error 100.
  14. tried and no luck... gonna try on all chars at some point, but took out everything in my bank and put back in... i actually remember about a week ago putting a drop in bank and getting DC but i don't remember what it was now, but nothing is making me dc so idk im confused. will make a new char and try.
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