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  1. Ultimate - Skyly - Mines 2 - Branz - Trap Search
  2. I’ll take it for 2dts 👀
  3. Could I buy the liberty kit?
  4. How much for the banana cannons and sambas?
  5. Banana Cannon [0/45/0/35|0] -5pd/1DT >.> Lemme get it
  6. Could I get a Samurai Armor for 10 dts
  7. Lemme get the Gizonde 30, foie 30, and proof of sonic for 15dts
  8. LilJack

    PD Shop

    Samurai Armor Demon Fork Glide Divine V00 Give me a total>.>
  9. Can someone help me get my F1-F12 hot keys working? I’m on labtop and when I hit F4, it does the volume o_o I also want to know if I can change my start menu from the Home button on labtop to a different key because the turnoff button for the labtop is right above the home button and I have fat fingers XD
  10. Can someone help me out? When I hit the launcher, and hit start game, the game window comes up and shows all black then immediately closes out. It doesn't even make it to the start screen. I've whitelisted the launcher and psobb.exe on Macafee. Am I missing something?
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