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  1. Lustfully


    Sold to wilson for DF set
  2. Did you whitelist your game folder in windows defender, Their is an issue with the client that it detects that it is a virus, and this may be your issue.
  3. 21 votes, 1 team submitted, Team won and got jebaited
  4. Happy Birthday!

    1. Lipelis


      Thanks ogdark,

      I don't remember your nickname but we may played together at some point? idk? haha

      thank you anyway, it's appreciated!

    2. Lustfully


      We most likely have, I played more so back in 2019 than anything, Recently just got back into the game due to a friend, Most people know me as Iris, prob why you don't recognize the name.

  5. Looking to purchase a mag for my Hucast cent/arm plan
  6. I was actually unaware of this, i always thought the option was for the action palette my bad.
  7. Do you have Custom Hotkeys Enabled in your launcher?
  8. Like say you wanted to move your item reader, You'd go ingame, Open the configuration window, Go to either aio/floor or both whatever you use, and change the position and size values there and it should save.
  9. You have to edit it using the values, You can't just move it and have it stick. The only way it can save the positioning is if you actually manually set where its located.
  10. @BullsDeep It's so odd cause I've never actually seen a stack traceback error from his addon set, Hopefully he can help you and its something simple. Edit: Tested Timer, Cause I actually didn't have it in my addons folder to begin with and it does have a present handler error, I think possibly that the item reader that you have may be corrupt possibly.
  11. I know this is a long shot an all, but is it possible that you forgot to install the solylib files?
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