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  1. FOweps increase & little more

    hey larva for the mother garb+, it sometimes does %30 grants boost. i was wondering if you could make it so it does the boost every time.
  2. FOweps increase & little more

    dark bridge only doubles jellen not zalure...somebody correct me if im wrong
  3. whitill id now sucks!

    well the red ring is not a big deal, i think larva did that to increase the value so im ok with that drop atm, but i think it would be cool if there was an easier drop rianovSNR-5 for whitill. the one for sham greenill 1/104 is really hard...also the drop table says the % is 0.009615 which is not 1/104, that % is less than 1/10,000. so im kinda confused on that
  4. whitill id now sucks!

    lol i meant a good drop rate, i have better chance of seeing pigs fly then getting that drop
  5. HuMAR Shifta/Deband

    humar's have j/z and ramars have s/d....so if you want 15 s/d hunt with a ramar or make a HUnewearl, there is weapons that can give you small buffs
  6. rain berry is the worst flavor of gatoraid ever!

    1. Dizzak420


      lol i spelled it wrong

  7. i got a lot of evade mats if you n need any

  8. Well idk if a rollback is needed here..

    you shouldn't use your common bank for trasferring if thats what u were doin...ive gotten items bugged from doing that
  9. taking a long break

    can i have all ur stuff poptart, no im jk ill see you around
  10. Happy b-day dert

  11. question about drops chart

    whitill vh pyro goran 1/515, thats one drop for ignition cloak
  12. Some ID advice please. ._.

    pinkal is a terribal id....id go with purp, oran, or green
  13. Retirement.

    can i have all ur stuff? no im jk xD
  14. Chuk's Easter Mini-Event 2012 Prizes

    i say you make that one rainov-5 rifle with hell special the prize, psycho wand, pom, or heavely/resist. these items are hard to hunt for and hard to trade for since nobody has them
  15. i moved back to pittsburgh, and i bought a new computer, im just waiting for comcast to send me my damn modem
  16. will be back in less than a week

    yea my old computer is garbage, and i just found out today the modem was stolen from my front porch yea azami i will on more but im still gonna be busy with school and work
  17. Look who's back..!

    wow you left for like 2 days lol
  18. can i have the excal 40 hit xD if you yes then i will have an excal 40, 50 & 60 hit!!!
  19. How often to Happy hours come around ?

    arrest LOL, i thought spread needle had that special Yes, i agree about the whole economy thing, too many people have good stuff. And red ring has lost a lot of its value. I remember back when i paid 70 pd, 200 pc, and vivienne 40 hit for my first red ring. Now people are saying there only worth 80 pd, that is outrageous.
  20. AGAIN!? Mag is gone! GAH!

    also remember to take pics of all ur good stuff kids, and say NO to mags xD
  21. wow ur 100, damn old geezer, happy bday

  22. Gone for now..

    all man im not even in the list i see how it is, no im jk good luck man and we'll miss you