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Status Updates posted by Cyane

  1. Ultima will always be my home. 

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    2. Cyane


      Can always have some mad parties >:3

    3. TripleR


      Come home!

    4. Trigunman


      Remember, just tap your shoes together three times and repeat, "There's no place like home".

      Haha, good to hear from ya Cyane! ^_^

  2. Happy birthday! And clean your inbox bum!

    1. Sylph777


      ah, i didn't know it was full, thanks for letting me know and thanks for the birthday wish cy :3

  3. Clear your inbox please

  4. Beware of scammers, there's peoples asking items out of the game and then they won't give you what they promise.(CoD weps etc, for DTs and other items)

    If you see anything suspicious report asap.

    1. Starlord


      What is the meaning of this? Selling items for dts outside of the game?

    2. Mr Noob

      Mr Noob

      Cyane, is this related to the Csgo thing?

  5. Read please!

    Finished moving all dts from pms to profiles, from the one's I was added, any questions don't hesitate to ask on the pms where they were sent from since i'm keeping them for a bit.

    If you have pms where i'm not added add me and I can move the dts to your profiles.

    I will be taking tomorrow to have a tiny rest from the forum work, while I work on events, so don't despair if you don't get a quick reply. I'll reply as I can.

    Best regards, 


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    2. griffeni


      wow this thread needs more spaghetti

    3. Mr Noob

      Mr Noob

      Reported > Cyane

    4. Dashie IOW

      Dashie IOW

      normal takes a bit longer to get off topic but we got away with in like 2 replys XD

  6. Happy birthday !

  7. Thank you everybody for the wishes :3 Don't forget my bro BK.

    1. TripleR


      You're super old

    2. Mr Noob

      Mr Noob

      Happy birthday to you sexy macho banana! :lol:

    3. Cyane


      ;//w//; not old, classy and thanks!

  8. What if we do Ultima's Movie Night? C: we pick a movie and watch all around the same time?

    1. Misombre


      It can't work cause some people are blind (yeah right) or sleeping or should be sleeping or busy =/

      But DW we will watch the movie in dream or thought anyway. Just choose your weapon and communicate it :P

    2. radezz


      i think this is an awesome idea. all around the world, but still connected :3

    3. Cyane


      could pick a movie and watch when possible ó.ò.. just having something in common to comment about could help us feel closer >:3

  9. Please stop spamming D: things like that happen eventually.

  10. I need a super urgent event to end next week, quick throw me with ideas!

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    2. solo guy

      solo guy

      Lol I agree with the doctor of dinglehood a character style or theme shown threw an in game screen shot for example matching weapon and style plus colours see what people got going on and a chance to see stuff like cat ears some cool character concepts threw skins ?

    3. Midori


      Whatever you do, it would be nice if it could help delete a bunch of PDs from the game.

    4. Cyane


      many good ideas so far i'll start building stuff

  11. miss home and miss you bums çwç


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    2. Dashie IOW

      Dashie IOW

      its because u r ment to relax and get away from work :3 thats why u dont like them XD

    3. Cyane


      hisss it burns !

    4. McLaughlin86


      Hi mom, I miss you.

  12. Last day of mini event! Hang in there buddies!

    1. drdingus


      how many animals must die for my mag to look fly :(

  13. day 2 still dying--

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    2. Yannv


      Nooou who will take care of our mags D':

    3. xyphose
    4. drdingus


      dont die on me soldier :(

  14. You are now banned permanently forever

     goodbye >Lemon

    1. Yannv


      rip new amazing quests D:

  15. is it possible to meet you and Yskia in lobby 1?

    1. Misombre


      Alright O= why not

  16. Face.. burns..

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    2. drdingus


      aww :( sunburn? my pasty whiteness gets incinerated by sunlight GG

    3. HHawk4


      thats why you never go outside! >:3

    4. Cyane


      stay at home kids, you don't want this pain!

  17. Clean your inbox again D: Also this 




  18. Clean pm box plz!

    1. Larva


      status update now fixed

    2. solo guy
  19. B> cb for 35 dts C:

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    2. Cyane


      Just want to buy stuff for future events D:<

    3. Kush


      Cy ill sell you a c battle you always give me luck

    4. Kush


      and with under 9k finding 30 c battles they wont go up to 100 dts  

  20. Hello everyone! If you would like to help improve Ultima please fill this form http://goo.gl/forms/IiUOFkvg2s8xSwGt1

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    2. Cyane


      Thank you!

    3. Virec


      I did it ..... but you wont like it LOL

    4. Stephen Burgin Sr.

      Stephen Burgin Sr.

      done. i was as truthful as possible.  well except the question about the form. i lied. i gave it a 9, because you had made it. it was a form and forms suck. kidding lol


  22. shop upgrade here 



  23. Bad news my bums C:

    You will have to deal with me really often for a while now

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    2. leezy


      That a good news for my 

    3. TripleR


      Poor cy :(  Also poor ultima :( more of you is bad news

    4. Stephen Burgin Sr.

      Stephen Burgin Sr.

      It would be enjoyable to run a mission with you again,

  24. ~We don't have to talk, 

    we don't have to dance, 

    we don't have to smile

    we don't have to make friends.

    But we could try C:


    1. Misombre


      We don't have to try,

      But we could still succeed:D

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