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  1. Tira todos tus npc skins o pon tu pj con la aparencia "default" (Si los tienes) Suerte
  2. Where is my "Sunny buys luck materials for 20 pds each" sign? D:

  3. Its on normal difficulty. You can easily make one that farm them easily (Greenhill, skily) (Buy luck materials 20 pds each)
  4. bye robin hood

  5. Ya hize la quest "Quedarme nel Lobby" unas 1000 vezes...

    1. Die


      algun drop bueno? xD

  6. Actualizados con nuevos records. Actualizado con nueva section - "Logros" (segundo post)
  7. Ok pro la pondre y los outros tanbien. Me abia orbidado u,u
  8. Just a couple of problems D: Pipping doesnt work on Blue Burst RT has pipes disabled (Buying luck materials 20 pds)
  9. Pardon me if i want to play in a sever hacker free. All of you who keep defending them are the reason they still are around, especially WHEN WE HAVE PROOF but ok. Keep saying he didnt hack to yourself until you belive it.
  10. Mmmm even if you say so its seem like the data was not saved. Im not exacly sure how a rollback works but i dont think if the data isnt saved that a rollback is possible. Have you talked with your friend to see if he still has his guns?
  11. Rank S: 100,000 Meseta + Elenor Mag This we cannot reward. Sorry. And i havent tested so i cant say for sure but i dont think the npcs can have mags. Also if the costum npcs die they die period.
  12. Eli you should write the history of Ultima xd
  13. Eating Larva! thats not humane D:
  14. Want me to make a quest that rewards a heart key?
  15. Goodbye. Try not to hack the next place you go Robin Hood.
  16. get addslots, apply them to armors, sell for 1-35+ pds -> Lol 1 Ok i will ask Larva then.
  17. 1st sign of hack: traded for 80pds, a sato 5/150/45/0, and a excaliber for. 2st sign of hack: No meantion of who 3rd sign of hack: Its a simple matter to see if its legit or not. Just ask larva if someone ever bought a df 100 hit from him. If he says No then that DF is hacked. Nice Alex.
  18. Ok prove to me its legit. Where did you obtain it.
  19. by saying it works normaly it means its legit? lol Obviously this fellow is that Alex guy.
  20. The first one was the bride (How did the topic end up here).
  21. Made the same mistake. Its hitless, so it kinda loses its purpose, still not a bad equip.
  22. Say post a wishlist or tell what you want for that Dark Flow you have there
  23. I know one of you has one. We have 3. That makes four so i kinda let the other 1 be the "extra" for someone unaccounted for
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