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  1. Ya va un tiempo >) Todo bien

  2. Better move this to the guide section. I have been searching for this and only found it on the search engine on like the 3rd page.
  3. Talk with Larva, even thou if you really were banned you probably hacked and donating for an unban might work for you.
  4. Gracias por los momentos. La falta de luz traira una nueva era a la oscuridad. Para siempre una Darkness.

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    2. Henry


      D=! Quien le iso esto u.u!

    3. louisking


      sunny dicen que estas viva? =D

    4. TheGrox
  5. Im still in search of luck materials and nakas xd

  6. Well if you do find the 20 pds tell me. xd
  7. no pero agrego mas 2 ps para mejor mi oferta
  8. how about 3 ps + wedding dress + BKB + Mercurious Rod? Diz me se preciso de subir mais nem e que precise mas quero esse pgf xd (e podes sempre trocar o wedding pelas coisas que queres )
  9. if you really want to 10 60
  10. Jaina tell me their offers so i can top them xd
  11. I have the calibur (0/50/0/50/50) but i think you can still go up to 20 pds. (Yes im mean.)
  12. Bien el topico es para vosotros discutiren y poneren sus rare drops mas recentes. Yo empezare v101, Conseguido con die
  13. Sorry but without any proof it simply is not going to happen.
  14. Veronica, No reason for sunny xd
  15. Uhm if it decides to work come play with me in game
  16. SunnyD


    Im sorry mate but with that nobody in a sane mind will trade a girasole. Its a drop only available during december and only in ultimate kondrieu. So as you can guess, its quite rare/valuable.
  17. He wants to wipe it... It makes no diference if he has fotos since he wont be gaining anything from it, actually its the contrary.
  18. SunnyD

    Sunny :(((

    Sorry i must have missed some mensages why you need me? xd
  19. Buy Nakas cards or s rank slicer, Wedding Dress for it.

    1. vashvhexx


      o_o What special on it?

    2. vashvhexx


      I might be able to hook you up

    3. vashvhexx


      I might be able to hook you up

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