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  1. I appreciate the shout. Tbh, I wouldn't have reached the skill level that I have without your example — you the real MVP.
  2. I'm 100% certain that it is true, and it's been that way for the past few years Was it unintended? I've only ever used two PSOBB clients; Ultima and Unseen — Ultima didn't cycle upon alt+tab but Unseen did. In the end it's just a minor thing that I've noticed after the recent update. Just thought I'd let you know. 👍
  3. Win+shift+arrow does not currently work. Prior to the update, alt+tabbing did not cycle the name/info in lobby.
  4. LOL! Amazing. I love you too, bb. Appreciate the shout, you the best. 😘
  5. I see.. I'll give you a PGF for it. Deal?
  6. 777

    plz close

    I'm looking to trade a PGF for an STA and ~175 DTs. @Patrick Bell hugs :"L
  7. Ahoy! I'm looking for various high-end gear — I'll be offering DTs :"L Maxed Charge Yasminkov 9000M or Yasminkov 9000M without special w/high hit% Kiss of Death w/80 hit% Hell TypeSH/Shot or any TypeSH/Shot w/high hit% I might update with more — idk yet . _.
  8. Whitill - Ult - Ep2 - Del Lily - New Year's Card
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