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  1. Is anyone selling MIND / or Ranger mags for DTs?

  2. Name: Paul Age: 31 Preferred contact method: I'm not fussed... Forums, Game, Twitter (@Paul7Law).... whatever. Hobbies: Gaming, Music, Football (Soccer for all you Americans - Not the "Football" where you play with your hands and run with an egg but the Football in which you kick a ball...with your feet...FOOTBALL.) Picture: See Avatar.. A little more about your self: Ok then... IT Support Technician. Manchester United fan. PlayStation trophy collector (yep, those digital trophy / achievements that mean nothing). Kinda Funny fan. Lover of Music. Bourbon drinker. Gamer. - I left gamer until last because my love of games requires a brief explanation.. I play mostly on PlayStation. I have, in the past played competitive Counter Strike Source for a few years. I am a very nostalgic gamer (PSO is a DreamCast game to me). I love retro gaming and take time to visit a brilliant retro Arcade here in the UK whenever I can. That'll do! Anyway just wanted to say a big thanks to the folks who are maintaining these servers and giving us a chance to scratch that nostalgia itch. I look forward to seeing you guys online!