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  1. Lost Weapon & Buggy TTF Ultima Mines

    Yeah, it caught me way off guard than the Vol Opt. not going into it's 2nd Phase in TTF Ultima But the worst is over, at least it didn't turn into a permanent loss. I think it only affected first slot items in the inventory where it changes it to a Present.
  2. So about 20 Minutes ago prior to me typing this up, me and another player were running TTF Ultima on VH for her levels. Everything was going swell until we hit Mines, especially the final room where all the enemies spawn and the Garanz/Baranz are shooting tons of rockets. and that it where I lost my Mille Marteaux that I made just today, it turned into a Present but then when I tried to open it, nothing came out. My teammate as well suffered from the bug but only lost function to use Fluids for the rest of the quest. I know this isn't the first time that the Ultima TTF Mines was buggy, but oof, this really stung hard on me after testing out my new weapon. After the Mines was done, everything went on smoothly to the end, but even then after checking both Character and Common bank, the Mille Marteaux is no where to be found. So, I'm pretty sure I ain't the first to feel the wrath of this type of bug in the Mines, but what do you suggest to help fix up that area in TTF Ultima? PS: the pic tagged along is sorta the time frame of what was going on when the bug happened, each area was about 10 minutes apart. Also to add, I think the bug also messed with the end results of the TTF Time, but I'm trying to test that out...