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  1. Welcome. I also played on DC, GC, and Xbox. I recently found PSO BB - Ultima. It's great!
  2. It's been so many years since I have played PSO. I started on Dreamcast and then played on Game Cube and Xbox. I'm really glad that I can still play and found this community. I'm still very rusty, but was able to run into some cool guys "cool" and "Rusty" last night who helped me get started again. I'm excited to continue my journey playing PSO. Now I have something to be excited about. Using the keyboard to target enemies will be tricky. I may see if I can use a controller. I noticed there is a realtime chat for us players so I'll need to join that (what is the most populated one (voice))? Ventrillo, Ultima, etc... Looking for people to play with. I am a ranger for now. I think a RAmar? I miss my crazy characters on the Game Cube! See you guys in the universe.