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Status Updates posted by 209calibear

  1. help the cat it contaminated...milk milk milk milk milk

  2. one bad cat then another n another n another n another

  3. i no wat i it wrong but was going to quit any way so im banned for the second time..im not sorry it my fault ...tyo got deactived... by ultima it been fun while it lasted

  4. ヘロー・アルティマー

  5. my picture is cute is it

  6. im back kiddes did ya miss me...meow

    1. Dizzak420
    2. 209calibear


      no retard i like pussy

  7. im going to offline about 2 weeks until my net get fix or get at&t net...it going to suck

  8. i holpe i get a pgf too this year...or i going to cry..QQ

    1. Sylph777


      yeah why not? keep hoping and it will happen :)

  9. watching shin chan..yo this my show...lol

    1. Zeph


      the Japanese south park...

  10. i found a ultima reaper 35 hit today...yay

    1. serverus


      its ur choice to sell it or not grace there is 2 topics about it now XDD

    2. serverus


      ill talk u on game grace xD

  11. crimson assassin are number 1 yeah..yeah..yeah

  12. my alter Ego KITTY must die..tonight

  13. deadmau5 and pso dont mix

    1. Dizzak420


      try skrillex and pso

  14. why there alway drama in ultima follow pplz

    1. Larva


      the drama goes along PSO.. not ultima lol.

    2. Choko


      PSO without drama is like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without peanut butter. To be without it would be to go against its very definition.

    3. Redstar Hunter

      Redstar Hunter

      o.o But the drama is so funny and pointless! XC

  15. my kitty has woken from a month long slumber..now he become a good cat..purrrrrlol

    1. Veriemas


      Congratz lol

  16. which do you like cats or dogs...meow


    1. Redstar Hunter

      Redstar Hunter

      Then help me hunt for anamol part´s then.

  18. i been here 3 yr i think it to long...well my travel has ended..so i bid a fare well bye ulitma

    1. Zeph


      See ya, Visit from time to time.

    2. Larva


      visit some time to time man. why you want to just erase 3 years of your life. =\

  19. hey i got that banned from the server bug can someone fix

    1. Dao


      It is a bug so just keep retrying to log in or wait a few minutes or hours and it should be fixed by itself.

    2. Veriemas


      Hes actually banned he needs to do a ban appeal his gc is 42088227

  20. something is missing....ohhh me

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