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    Rhayne, Lyte.

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    Music (guitar), Anime, Exercise, Martial Arts and critical thinking.
    I'm learning programming and web development in my spare time. Also, drawing and Japanese. I mastered the guitar along time ago so I needed new hobbies :p

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  1. Lost cent/ability in bank

    Lol ok im coming back
  2. Lost cent/ability in bank

    Well hey Ive g2g to bed. Catch you later.
  3. Lost cent/ability in bank

    Ya I'll get on real quick. I need to go to sleep after this though. Night shift lol what room?
  4. Lost cent/ability in bank

    Okay so you posted this just now, and it sends a notification to my email. Which in turn sends a notification to my phone. Which then alerts me about it with Navi's voice. "Hey look!" Which was right by my ear freaking me the hell out and sending my fiance into a serious giggle fit lol
  5. Lost cent/ability in bank

    It might be hard to time a session for a bit due to real life things. New job and all that. What time zone are you in? Im -6:00 gmt and im usually on around 3pm- 6 am my time.
  6. Heeyyyy. Do you want those items lol been trying to reach you for days.

    1. O9B066


      Yes I'll be on in 2 hours Ish feeding my mag how many pd and what again lol got so much going on I forgot 

    2. Rhayne7Lyte


      Lol its cool, Same here. Plus i work night shifts so my schedule is wank lol. What time zone are you in becasue ill be asleep for the  next 3-4 hours. Its 12:20 pm where im at. 

      You said you wanted 

      Heart of morilian

      Heavenly battle

      god body

      And 3 master kits

  7. Lost cent/ability in bank

    O.o that would be amazing. Sorry for the late reply. I was a little sore after this so i signed off. Also reset my pc and have been tweaking it lol just got the game redownloaded and installed. Just hmu on here next time you're on. Thank you so much!
  8. Lost cent/ability in bank

    Guild card 42179820 Character slot 2 Time was approximately 7-7:30 pm -6:00 GMT Hi, I was on a newly created character. I was switching items over from my other characters. I was withdrawing them all from the common bank when the client crashed. I went back on to check my items and im missing a cent/ability. I was in lobby 1-1 under room name AfroSamurai.
  9. Your most regretful PSO mistake?

    I regret not joining this server sooner. I regret bitching at @killswitch due to a stupid misunderstanding. :/ (Totally my fault) I regret trading a super rare item just because i wanted a yamato -.-
  10. Make cmode great again.

    Hey I'm down as well. I've never done cmode before, but I'm a quick learner. :3
  11. Hello :3

    Here's my main in game. Still a long ways to go.
  12. Hello :3

    No need to apologize. I love talking about martial arts/combat in general. I won't give any advice about wing chun, I don't have enough hands on exp with it yet . I just started actually practicing it recently. (Had knee injury for years that just finally healed up about 6 months ago ) I just got the Siu Nim Tao down. However, if its boxing or practical things about fighting in the street, then I could definitely give some good advice Look forward to chatting with ya.
  13. Hello :3

    Lmfao Yes we are, prepare yourself.
  14. Hello :3

    Ha, so true. I will definitely chat. I have my quite days too, but normally I like to talk, make jokes and be silly, ya know, nerd out about things as well.