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  1. cursed180


    Okay, I'll let you know when I have enough for the booster if you still have it. Not sure how much to offer for the sjs, I have 4 pd atm though. If they're worth more, let me know and I'll let you know when I find enough!
  2. Aw, just noticed after you mentioned your event... About a week late to register
  3. Looking for vulcan, arms, calibur... post stats/price please.
  4. How many pd for each of these? Charge Gattlings +6 0/0/0/0|35 Charge Arms 0/0/0/0|35 Charge Gugnirs 0/0/0/0|50
  5. Can I snag the Charge Vulcan w/ hit and the charge calibur with hit please?
  6. Hello, how much each for the v501 (looking to get 2) and maybe that Vivienne w/ hit. Let me know prices on each! Thanks
  7. Hello, how much for photon booster? Thanks
  8. cursed180


    Hello, how much each for SJS and a photon booster? Thanks
  9. Looking for PDs or any/no % Spread Needle 6x Mind 10x Evade 5x Hp 16x Monogrinder 12x Digrinder 7x Trigrinder 3x AddSlot
  10. Never heard back, still looking for any/no percent spread needle!
  11. PM'd, I'm interested in any Needle weapon! Just getting back into the game.
  12. Sounds good, I didn't realize these things earlier. My buddy and I are flexible and can run whatever's best for the group. We'll try to get everyone in touch after work tonight(4-5 hours at least from now) Force seems necessary. We should have you run one of those. So do we optimally want to do 3x hucast/hucaseal 1x force? Or is a different combination best for ep2?
  13. Awesome, I'll message you after work today. Hopefully we can find one more person. My buddy is HuCast/HuCaseal. If I specifically want S-Rank Needle, do I need to complete cmode as a ranger? Or can I run cmode as a hucast and still get S-Rank Needle as reward? I don't mind running hunter if that's the case. Was thinking RaCast or RaMar(Resta maybe helpful)
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