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  1. I think I understand, and Malwarebyte blocking it, I redid it again and the update started, how can I exclude the update address? Because on malwarebyte I can exclude it and not bother me. For ex:www.ultimapsobb.com/psobb/v1/update P.S:i solved it,it was practically the same malwarebyte that suggested putting in the exclusions.
  2. So I disabled antivirus and left the basic defender of windows 10 and it gives me this other error. Even if disabled Windows Defender gives it the same. I then put the game in the exclusions some time ago because the game revealed it to me as a virus, and since I put it up until recently I played it quietly.
  3. Hi, I can't access the game, it tells me that the server is offline and under maintenance, when I start the launcer it gives me an error, how can I fix it?
  4. Then I hope it will be inserted in the future as soon as it can.
  5. Hello dearest, is it possible in the future for a lease for the Italian language in the game?
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