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  1. Thanks And thanks for the links they will be realy useful. Ill give them a read though.
  2. As a side note, what are good builds for mags again? I have totally forgotten this kind of thing. I have 4 characters. HuCast, RaCast, RaMarl and FoNewm. Ill have to get to work on these asap I guess. Thanks for any advice
  3. Exactly I was very very close to going full old school the other week and buy a Dreamcast to replay this game
  4. Hi there. So I after a couple years of not playing I could not resist downloading the game once again and starting a new I played on the offical servers years and years and years ago and played on another (now closed) private server for a few years as well and now I am on here. New account, everything from scratch. Made myself 4 characters this evening. HuCast, RaCast, RaMarl and FoNewm. No idea what my plans are yet or where to even start really, I guess with attempting to make a mag. I has been a couple of years since I have played Hopefully with the increased xp and higher rare rates? Ill be up to speed in no time. Anyway just posting in here to say hi and maybe see some people in game
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