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  1. Miko


    Messaged you both back, thanks for the replies
  2. Miko


    Hi folks, So I created my account a while back but have started playing a little bit the last few weeks and have come to the conclusion my equipment is rubish and looking to get some usefull stuff. I jave listed the 3 charcters I am playing below and what I have on them so far. For the most part it is terrible. Here is also a list of what semi usefull things that I would be willing to trade to get some useful things, with this suggestions of useful equipment or what I should hunt for would also be handy as its been awhile since I have played properly PD x 8 PC x 7 Addslot x4 Luck Mat x 7 Def Mat x 27 HP Mat x 22 Evade Mat x 14 Mind Mat x 19 Power Mat x 30 Grinders +99 Centurion/Tech x 3 Heavenly/Arms x 2 Frozen Shooter 25/5/0/5 Looking for things like: ( some names might be wrong as going off memory) Spreadneedle Cannon Rougue Excalibur/Lame ADEPT/Limiter Glide Divine? BKB/Double Cannon A good sword Good shields for all 3 classes Any suggestions of what else I should be looking for? Current Charcters and equipment. The good stuff isnt for trade. RaCast - Lvl 126 - Bluefull MM 40hit Hell Lazser 50hit Astron Belt Daylight Scar Frozon Shooter Heavenly/Arms x2 V501 Heavenly/Battle 5/150/45/0 FoNewm lvl - 105 - Skyly Double Saber Club of Laconium Mag: 11/0/5/184 V801 Heavenly/Mind Heavenly/Ability Centurian/Technique HuCast - lvl 90 - Oran Dragon Slayer Custom Ray Agito Yamoto Heavenly/Battle Heavenly/Arms 5/145/45/0 I am UK based and work Monday to Friday so available to trade and respond to messages in the evenings and weekends. Thanks for any feed back and responses
  3. Thanks And thanks for the links they will be realy useful. Ill give them a read though.
  4. Wow this community is really great InCiDeR helped my out big time. I have some cash so making (trying to) make my own mag atm. An H/power would be very useful Terminator if you are are on at all today. La Dimenian I'm always up for some hunts RaCast is in hard mode now. Give me a couple more hours and should be in V-Hard mode Had a quick look at your trade list and a 4 slot very low level frame would be great. InCiDeR helped me out with a lvl 50 one but still a few levels from there yet and a battle/unit would be handy to spead things up as well. Ive got to go out for a few hours now but ill be back and lurking around my laptop most of the day after that I recon and ill keep an eye on here/my pm's Thanks again everyone!!
  5. Thanks you so much Ill take a look and see what you have and shoot you a message. Thanks!
  6. Hi Folks, So I have just started on this server after playing else where on and off for who knows how long. Anyway starting off from scratch, I do love a good hunt and looking forward to hunting my own stuff down soon. However we all know at lvl 1 things are slowing going. Was wondering if anyone was so kind to help me out with a couple of start out things like an ok mag or some armour with slots and stuff just basic stuff nothing too fancy now. My characters are in my siggy. All help hughly appricated and will be repaid some day if possible.
  7. As a side note, what are good builds for mags again? I have totally forgotten this kind of thing. I have 4 characters. HuCast, RaCast, RaMarl and FoNewm. Ill have to get to work on these asap I guess. Thanks for any advice
  8. Exactly I was very very close to going full old school the other week and buy a Dreamcast to replay this game
  9. Hi there. So I after a couple years of not playing I could not resist downloading the game once again and starting a new I played on the offical servers years and years and years ago and played on another (now closed) private server for a few years as well and now I am on here. New account, everything from scratch. Made myself 4 characters this evening. HuCast, RaCast, RaMarl and FoNewm. No idea what my plans are yet or where to even start really, I guess with attempting to make a mag. I has been a couple of years since I have played Hopefully with the increased xp and higher rare rates? Ill be up to speed in no time. Anyway just posting in here to say hi and maybe see some people in game
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