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  1. any tower of fantasy players on here

  2. i love my dad

  3. if there are still some cmode creeps out there I would reinstall on my new pc just to do runs, I still remember a majority of some routes but I might need some refreshers on the little things.

    1. Lopedo45


      same goes for pso2 classic runs. I love doing cm1 and cm3

  4. i love my dad

  5. Merry Christmas ya bum!

    1. Soly


      Merry Christmas!


    1. Lopedo45


      Loud because of the way it embeded im so sorry

  7. Yo thats neat to hear. Honestly I'm sure the playerbase got smaller and smaller only cause of the fact that almost anyone playing had good gear and unless it was a HH to grind some newer thing in the game, there wasn't too much reason to get on. So if it's healing then that's really cool. Seems to be a lot of new players then for what I would like to assume. (Or more, good content)
  8. Don't think I'll be playing on the servers, but I kinda wanna try hopping around the forums more again. It's neat seeing a lot of the casuals still hanging around here. I don't know how long I'll stick around but I wouldn't mind peeping around once or twice again. Kinda left cause didn't really play PSO anymore- slowly lost contact to those I used to hang out with too. I have been playing more PSO2, especially with the NA release bringing light to it again, but there are still days where I miss playing old PSO with literal runescape level graphics lol. It's got that nostalgic charm to it. Dunno if I was missed or if a lot of the old names that remember me really care, but it's still cool seeing faces I recognize again. How have things been on the server in the last year or two? Also where's my yellow name :L funny joke xD so many people used to ask about yellow names on forums over and over
  9. Nice to see more oldies coming back 😄 welcome back.
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