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  1. Shop is (temporarily) closed until further notice. Thanks
  2. Got it, topic can be closed
  3. Got them, topic can be closed
  4. magictrick

    s>20 DT

    I'll buy 8 DTs from you for pds
  5. magictrick


    I'll pay 53pds (8 x 6.6 = 52.8) PM or hit me up ingame (holbewone)
  6. Gifoie 27 sold + bunch of stuff added.
  7. Couple of techs sold, mind mats all sold, + updated! Thanks all! Edit: Gush Raygun 50hit, luck mats SOLD!
  8. lol, you're actually not the only one. In fact, some people actually think I misspelled obi-wan. on-topic: Silence Claw 50hit SOLD!
  9. Or just TTF and repeat first room like an idiot. 4 bears in 2 minutes
  10. Glide Divine SOLD. Thanks!
  11. Lavis 30hit and Holy Ray SOLD. Thanks!
  12. Grantz 25, Select Cloak and Lavis 35hit SOLD! Thanks for the trade guys!
  13. Shop closed. I'll make a new one, please close/lock this topic
  14. I've decided to just sell them. Glide 20pd Wiz/resist 20pd
  15. I'll take the Heavenly/Power 3 for 1 PD
  16. I'll take DAYLIGHT SCAR (0/35/0/0|20) 1pd SPREAD NEEDLE (50/0/0/25|0) 2pd
  17. how about skyly? Anyone tried?
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