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  1. I understand but nevertheless we do not share the same point of view. Good luck to the participants.
  2. That's what I feared. thanks to you.
  3. It's random or it's according to the best performance?
  4. B or Trade good stuffs for > Piercing P.


  5. B> MKB with Hit

  6. B> Wedding Dress

  7. B> STA or WD maxed or near.


  8. B> 297 pds for 30 DTS

  9. Triforce Event Drop Table 2018

    Bug-Catching Net Oran ULT Merissa
  10. B> Yasminkov 9000M with hit

  11. B> Yasminkov 9000M with hit 

  12. B -->>>> Yasminkov 9oooM  with hit please.

    pm me .


  14. B> yas 9k /hit

    pm me

  15. S> Units

         V101 x5
         V502  x4
         SMARTLINK x2
         Godric's / Ability
          Centurion / Legs x4
          Centurion / Technique
          Centurion / TP
          Centurion / luck x2
          Centurion / power x3


  16. B --> Spread needle or Arrest Needle with this stats:

    0/x/x/0|x  or  0/0/0/0|60~80

    Pm me .

  17. B> Master Raven  with hit

    1. mudkipzjm


      i've got a 40/40/0/0|40 one, let me know your offer.

  18. Trade pd for pc.
    Pm me thx.

  19. Where we came from?

    I'm from France - Paris .
  20. Launcher.exe bug and toontown reloaded opens???

    Thank you Soly for your information and your help .
  21. Launcher.exe bug and toontown reloaded opens???

    Me too i have got a problem with the launcher today . When i have try to open the launcher my antivirus has said " you have an virus in this folder " and he have directly delete the launcher of my computer . When i have download and install the game ( there are 10 days ) i have already put the game psobb ultima in exception . So i have found only one solution , directly launch the game without the launcher " psobb ultima " and right now it's ok . Strange bugg but for me it's ok now . So my question is : why during 10 days i haven't got any problem with the launcher and today my antivirus has detected a " malware-gen " ?
  22. drops

    So i'm stupid . SORRY.
  23. drops

    Hello final pacman . If you don't play with others persons in your party you have a really low chance to found an event items . It's same as me, when i play alone i dropp nothing ... The drop rate is not really based on the luck . Try to hunt with another weapon , search the good combination . I'm sorry for you . Good luck .