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  1. Zzz

    1. RocketTots


      Why is everyone so sleepy all of the sudden? Tell me GM lipelis. Be honest. 

    2. R-78


      So... Sleepylis?

    3. Lipelis


      Well mister TOTS, I think I have some cagar in my pantalones but Im not sure about it....... I'll just keep sniffling for tonight to figure it out

  2. R-78

    Lost a mag

    Isnt it that one in Fizbo's inventory? Lvl 37 Mitra [Purple] [5/9/23/0] [Empty | Estlla | Pilla]
  3. Yannv

    Thank you muchas gracias for the tutorial, the circle around the switch wasn't clear enough! Did you know I was only able to find the button after seeing where the sixth arrow was pointing to? 


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    2. Yannv


      @R-78 Excuse me, what is the meaning of bottow? I only know the meaning of bottom.
      The arrow I was talking about was the -2i+2j vector, which translates to ↖️. If you transform the vector into module, you will need to square both sides. That is:

      ↖️|² = (-2)²+2²  
      ↖️|² = 4 + 4 = 8
      ↖️| = sqrt(8) = 2.sqrt(2)

      Which means nothing because there are only three arrows on your picture. An arrow is only considered an arrow if the line - touches the > part.

      You didn't pass the test, better luck next time.

      Now you are soulless.

      @jezbuz S>Offénder

      @RocketTots Seagull_dropping_clam.jpg


    3. R-78


      Bottow is Bottom with last letter reverted.

      Eough of this.

    4. mudkipzjm
  4. https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/notifications/options/
  5. R-78

    Easter Event 2020

    Event has ended, hope everyone enjoyed it!
  6. R-78

    I removed your profile picture. Please find one that is less epileptic

  7. Nope, this one was actually never meant to be passed through until you press the final switch in Ruin 1, not going to simplify that exploit. I'd rather add a bank to that quest honestly. There are some other unintended exploits in PTS such as going through the last Ruin 1 room laser fences since the creator forgot to set a collision, and skipping Ruin 3 first room by abusing Multiplayer desynchro.
  8. There is nothing that needs to get fixed in that quest (except the translations maybe).
  9. Yannv

    I guess I might give a chance to MOBA's now, I'm inspired.


    1. R-78


      Chickens OP, plz nerf

    2. Kotta


      Being a chicken Is good, or.. whatever :onion120: 

    3. Trigunman


      Ain't no thang but a chicken wang... :onion-head63:

  10. You need to make the room on One person mode and unlock it. Also, please avoid that kind of names.
  11. During my confinement I made some little games for my team UPS, and figured I could also share them with Ultima. They are not specifically hard (unless you are totally new to PSO) since there isn't any time limit. Would be impossible to find a good time for everyone to make it a race on Ultima so there is no reward or ranking, just fun, so play any of them only if you feel like it. All the questions are based on an Ultima environment. When you are done, you can send me your answers via private message so I tell you what is wrong and eventually hint you for the ones you could not find. If you want to post your replies in the topic, please do it in a spoiler. A ) Hidden Words This game originally had a 15 minutes limit. All the words are exclusively names of PSOBB monsters Each can be an enemy from episode 1, 2 or 4, on normal or ultimate The monsters list is available on Ultima drop tables There is no compound word There are 22 hidden words in this 13X17 grid All letters are caps If you wonder if I made a mistake with a letter or a word spelling, the answer is no To validate one answer, make one circle or one line (via any tool like Paint) or just write the names as you found them in your submission. B ) Crossed Words This game originally had a 20 minutes limit. Only fill the grey cells One letter per cell Use only caps For any compound word, write them in one word, without any space or hyphen Check How to use Google Sheets below for easier filling (Google account required) How to use Google Sheets: Log on your Google account Go here File > Make a copy > OK Use your cursor or keyboard arrows to navigate between the cells of the sheet you juste made Once completed, either share your grid link with me as Editable so I can direcly correct it, or just send a capture If you don't have an account and don't want to make one, just do File > Download and open the file on your computer. C) Who am I? This game was originally a speed contest quiz. a) Illustrations Here are 20 items pictures. Give me the name of each of them. b) Descriptions Here are 20 short descriptions of specific PSOBB monsters (except for the last 4). Tell me who it is. There can be several possible answers. I am a monster that is available in only one single quest. I am a simple enemy that cannot be eliminated. Yet I give experience and drops. I am the only boss that can become totally harmless. When I die, my leader can retreat. I am able to cast 6 different spells depending on my settings: Gizonde, Gibarta, Rafoie, Grants, Megid and Resta. I can freeze you, but I don't have any ice spell or ice based attack. Any of my attacks will freeze you, even with 100 EIC, unless you have a Cure/Freeze. My magic resistances vary according to my actions, and I can be paralyzed. I have one attack that is based on both your Defense and Resistance. My attacks are magical based only from Normal to Very hard. If my master dies, I die as well. As long as my master is alive, he will revive me. I can be confused but not paralyzed or frozen. I am the only enemy whose attacks don't deal any damage at all. You can approach me, as long as you don't attack me, I will not attack you. When I am alone, I never change. When we are two, we are always complementary to each other. We cannot merge. We always move by groups. Together we are invincibles but harmless. We become dangerous when separated. I am not a monster. I can make your items slightly better or slightly worse. But my actions are irreversible. I am an item which "Use" option won't make disappear. I can't be used at any time, I am very helpful and the most used of my kind, yet almost no one ever calls me by my real name or even an abbreviation of it. The more you are, the less nice I will be with you. Without me, your gear would be less than decent. Yet I am invisible and Happy Hours don't have any effect on me. D ) Bonus questions This was originally a live quiz I made one year ago. Probably the least interesting, but just in case you are really bored That is all but I might post more someday if people enjoy it. I am too lazy to do another language translation, but feel free to send if you want me to add one. (You will get credits of course) Thanks to all these lovely people for playing my games!
  12. R-78

    Mag Bugged

    If you are on, make a game and tell me the name.
  13. This unit is not considered in the max stats plans because when you get a Centurion/battle, you are not going to use a V101 anymore. Also... Wut!? xD
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