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  1. This is because of how the game handles classes restrictions by categories rather than classes. It was not possible to make it "Usable by all rangers and hunters but Hucast" so a stat requirement limitation was set instead. Same goes for Humar (832 max mst) + Lindcray (836 req mst) and Fonewearl (683 max atp) + Lame/Excalibur (800 req atp).
  2. Photon Ticket

    Episode 1 - One person.
  3. Easter Event Player Made Drop Table 2019

    Thanks to you for the hard work
  4. Inventory error

    And get banned if we decide to check that @shunthanos Can you log into the game now?
  5. Inventory error

    And 53 pow I suppose? Do you remember the color of the mag and which Photon blasts it had? Also, please make sure you always have at least two extra slots (28/30 at most) when you open any Easter egg / Christmas present / Jack-o-lantern.

    Yeah sorry, I meant Godric
  7. You need to clear the government quests to unlock the next One Person series (On Multimode, talk to the Principal's assistant in Pioneer II center warp) Once you unlock FiY make sure to not finish the quest or you will have to finish all quest to be able to do it again. (Wrath of Forest [Ultima] is also nice for Rappy murdering, first wave has 15 rappies)

    Fonewearl can't equip Godric's Cloak As for Fomar, unless you like to spam Rafoie Rabarta and Razonde, Godric's Cloak is better because of its boost on all stats.
  9. frame rate issues

    Do you have CPU Usage Reduction checked in Launcher options?
  10. Problem is that currently as it is, Ultima Veteran means nothing really because you can literally make an account, go away for 4 years and come back with Veteran title and still 0 posted content and reputation. I'd rather give priviledges to someone who joined a year ago but is active everyday rather than someone who logs once every 4 years Magical Piece was boosted to 40% already, I wanted to have Quasar Staff +45% Gifoie /+110% Gibarta /+70% Gizonde boosts instead of Barta/Gizonde/Rafoie though But then, every SI/RA Merge shield would be totally useless... I don't really like to just make a better version of an item without any other real change, unless it's made from the item itself (or unless the old item is really ugly) No. Hylian Shields are rare enough as a yearly event drop only, the thing worked for RR as it is all year round and people farm them a lot and almost all classes use that same shield. If we were to release those other shields you suggested, better have them drop from other places than just making numerous combinations of Hylian Shield. Fonew--- have the strongest spells among the Force class already. What kind of items are you suggesting? Mille Faucilles has been specifically made for Ramarl and Racaseal. I agree Racast is better in most situations, but sometimes you may prefer the little ATA bonus over Racast, such as using traps+hell in Seabed. Not really, lot of veteran players prefer Hucaseal over Hucast because his ATA is too low and their weapon animations are different. Fair enough No... I was already against the Zalure range addition and wanted to give it something more unique instead like a +70% Gifoie since Zalure is totally pointless when you have a Glide divine, which is the best weapon ever for support players (JZ + 15 all res + 90 def, get all the experience in team rooms by just lowering enemies' stats). I personally like to use DB on my Fonewm in episode IV for both Grants boost and Megid pierce against Dorphons [Eclair] for example. And good thing my Grants boost request was accepted because it used to be +50% (as much as Sacred Bow) which made DB totally useless (its cool look was the only reason I was still using one) I actually wanted to also see that limit boost on Hunewearl specifically since I can't see any good reason to give her the newman's restriction while she has so much potential in MST to increase. Saith's reply We all kinda want that but Larva said no.
  11. The reason why you feel like Water Gun hits more is because unlike WG, Sacred Bow bullets don't take current attack accuracy (in other words you can't SN trick with SB) @shong So in close-mid range, SB is better for hell as it has 20 more ATA than Water Gun. As for the Shot animation type, on a Fomarl it's as fast as a Gun. You might not want to redeem 10 dts to add a special to WG when you have SB and you might as well want to finish an enemy with SB's huge ATP as Rashan said.
  12. Mag issue 4/21

    Let me know when you can log in. - Solved.
  13. April 20th Mini Event (Actual details now)

    Those were my favorites ><