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  1. hello mio,    i had 3 mr. naka cards

    1. R-78


      I'm not Mio......

  2. Did it as well, and it didn't work
  3. I am disappointed. When I saw the topic name, I was expecting some drama about PGF not dropping, but there was actually just interesting talk. It is easy to fall into superstition with experience. Two years ago I made 2 stupid bets. I said "if STA drops for me this run I'll give you 99 PDs" and it dropped. I said "if PGF drops for me this run I'll sing a song on TS" and it dropped. (it was 4:00 am) I also got two Stellar Shards from Shambertin during the two only times I went to eat during the boss death scene (didn't want to wait for it) But I know I just got (un)lucky and that there wasn't some god watching me and wanting to have fun with me. This is true, if you do the exact thing in the exact time you'll get the PGF, but as RedMel and Soly said, you simply cannot manipulate your RNG as you like because a single time frame will change everything. I will refund you on presentation of the receipts. And yeah Emewn the drop rate is not better on Oran... I will not repeat what Harvest said, it was well explained. It's not people who said it drops for all IDs but GMs. Also, just to make it clear before someone says "help I tried what the GM said and didn't get the PGF", This is a joke
  4. .

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  5. Christmas Event Drop Table 2018

    I believe as well. I also believe some people don't read xD And since we are talking about this, here is some useful information... Olga Flow can also drop Parasitic Gene Flow on Very hard, all IDs!
  6. Christmas Event Drop Table 2018

    No. There is one more week.
  7. Christmas Event 2018

    I don't know what you were expecting from it. Heart Container gives 150 HP, which is 25 more than Centurion/HP (hence the best HP unit so far as Lemon said). That is specifically useful to withstand strong attacks like Vol Opt balls if you are soloing TTF with a weak class, Dark Falz slash if you are still low level and under 1090, Shambertin laser etc. At the beginning Noob/HP was never meant to be useful, it was supposed to decrease your HP but was glitched so you could increase your stats instead and not even use an armor slot for it. Basically was like cheating. Now it may not be as broken/OP as Noob/HP was but it still is useful, so I don't see where the lie is.
  8. I definitely would if I could. You can also use Hand of Justice for Demon. It looks similar to Yasminkov 2000H and is a nice gun for hunters. They have a pretty cool exclusive armor (Godric Cloak) and I think they still are the best class to solo some quests like Roct. Basically an altered Charge Arms? If you are going to solo as a Cast, you have already Sinow red's blades and Macho blades which are not even required thanks to Racast and Hucast huge base ATP. Every class has pros and cons. Casts have traps and usually better stats thus get overwhelming when assisted by a Force. Hunewearl and Ramarl are better playing solo thanks to their lvl 20 support techniques. Also, a lvl 30 SD would make Twins useless. Even if such thing was possible to release, would you really pay several PDs for each TTF solo run you do? You mean quests that could only be played by a specific class? That is not a bad idea when you see to what extend some quests favorise specific classes (rip hunters in Max S II) and especially DM spam that turn "hard quests" into "insanely easy" ones (rip my quests). That would imply a lot of maps to remake.
  9. Christmas Event Drop Table 2018

    Here are all the remaining mistakes at this point. Yeah, recobox never had any rare drop
  10. You need to talk to the principal's assistant, at the warp in front of the bank in episode 1.
  11. Only government quests and only if you have already unlocked the one they are doing.
  12. Christmas Event Drop Table 2018

    I am giving a hint to help you guys identify which enemy (especially for Mericarol/Mericus/Merikle confusions) dropped a merge. Check the monster color... I hope you can now fix most mistakes yourself here, all three are wrong for Gifoie Merge
  13. Show your screenshots

    No but I can give you better tips if you want your computer to explode
  14. Show your screenshots

    What HOD2 would look like if all enemies had to spawn at the same time
  15. ^ This, Also your inventory is not refreshed as soon as you use a present, you might see 29/30 while you are actually 30/30 (have to close and reopen inventory to see the lastest item) So just make sure you are always 28/30 at most when you open a present from a stack. Nothing can be done for your lost presents.