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  1. I think luck material was originally green and we changed in the past to RED. But yeah I think we should change it back to green.
  2. I'll join Humar level 5 xD
  3. We will try to make some people cry in our next event XD thanks.
  4. From now on this is the official Ultima PSOBB discord server. We would like to thanks Nessly for the work he have put in to this. He have transfer the server to us but he will remain as moderator. Cool changes are coming. Thanks.
  5. I haven't add tapatalk to the lastest version of the forum. i didn't taught users still uses it. I will add it in the next days ok.
  6. Ah love that weapon
  7. good to know it worked man. have fun in the server. XD
  8. no that you have wine-stagging installed first of all try to run the game, skiping the launcher... go to the game directory in console once you are in the game directory tipe "wine psobb.exe" WITH OUT the quote. if the game starts up then your going good. next step is to install net framework 4.0 or 4.5 where is easier.. for this you will need a "program" (more like a script) called winetricks to install it --https://wiki.winehq.org/Winetricks -- Winetricks and Framework 4.5 needs Wine to be running in to a environment of 32 bits, follow the next steps to accomplish this (see spoiler) once you have winetricks and framework 4.5 the launcher should now work just fine. report results.
  9. ok good luck , post the results.
  10. If you already have ubuntu then the process is way easier. You just need to install wine-staging , its wine with some gaming modifications it will run PSO with out issues. You can find that wine under the repositories for ubuntu. maybe this could help you. --> http://linuxg.net/install-wine-staging-on-ubuntu/
  11. ok i guess you will install it Mint or ubuntu?
  12. Are you running the game using console ? If is please give us a copy paste of what the console is showing also the version of Wine. Also did you got any of the games updates with the patch? Wine what windows environment you have selected ? Run command winecfg for this. Also have you try to run the game from the local harddrive of the Chromebook.?