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  1. 30 native 40 a beast - offer
  2. S> Devil Tail 0/0/0/200 30/40/0/0 Lame D'Argent

  3. WTS 0/0/0/200 Devil tail 10 DTs

  4. WTS 0/0/0/200 Devil Tail

    1. Grimoire Greys
    2. Cyane


      ಠ_ರೃ price check

    3. blackdreams


      Looking for offers atm

  5. 3 DTs for Rappy? Pm me edit: typed the wrong mag T.T
  6. Wow I didn't expect this many responses! Ill hope to play with some of you soon. Advance/Bagel in game
  7. Hey all, Been playing PSO on and off since the Dreamcast. Went to the Xbox next and played it until it stopped working (RIP) Found out about Ultima about 2 weeks ago and decided to give it a try. Haven't been here too long but I play quite a bit. Have a few characters around lvl 120 but playing solo is only fun for so long. So I am looking for some people to play with! Ive met some nice and cool people already so hopefully I can meet some more and get to know some of them better. Anyways, hope to see you all in game!
  8. Interested in: Megid 26 Rabarta 27 Jellen 28
  9. Any other Megid's out there?
  10. Looking for Megid Tech level 25+ (when it comes back up of course) Post what you have and the price.
  11. Looking for price on ADEPT + Three Seals in DT
  12. B> Mother Garb+/Psycho Wand/ADEPT/Red Merge/Three Seals/ lvl 30 techs - Paying DTs/PDs

  13. B> Mother Garb+/Psycho Wand/ADEPT/Red Merge/ lvl 30 techs - DTs/PDs

  14. B> Lvl 30 Techs pm w/ tech + price

  15. Updated and ty for trades
  16. B> Mind Mag

    1. mrchibbs


      want a 5/0/0/195 elenor (no photon blast) ?

  17. Decided to mix it up after awhile. This is what I have and I know some of it may not be worth much. Looking to swap for good force equipment. V101 5/145/50/0 Rati (Black) 120 sync 200 IQ 5/145/45/5 Rati (Black) 120 sync 200 IQ 30/40/0/0 Lame D'Argent 30/0/020 Vivienne 0/0/25/30 Vivienne 25/30/0/0/50 Sacred Duster 0/0/0/0/35 Double Cannon 50/50/0/0/50 Rainbow Baton +13 Heavenly/Power God/Power Aura Field - 4 Slots Standstill Shield Ashura Mag Cell Not sure what most of them are worth but have a good idea on a few (lame/v101/cannon) Looking for PDs Techs Mind Mag Force items!
  18. T/S> V101 5/145/50 Rati (black)

  19. 30/40/0/0 looking for offers
  20. S> Lame D'Argent 30/40/0/0

  21. Hey hows it goin! Just started here myself about a week ago. Hope to see you in game some time Also Canadian
  22. YAMIGARASU (40/0/0/35|0) Price? pm me
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