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  1. Would have to be more pds than the dt rate imo or else dts would be obsolete. Would be no point for it. Not counting the fact the donation list is a joke with prices and no one buys from there. So donation list is dead already, and now dts for hit wouldn’t be bought. I like it but I feel to be fair to donations or whatever this server lives on it should be like a stack per 10hit or whatever. Or 2 stacks for 10hit etc. Since you can stack sphered would be like 2 spheres for 10hit or something. Keeps everyone happy.


    Just my two cents, hope no one gets offended by it.

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  2. I mean you could post stats and attributes you want with % and name a price range of what you’re willing to pay. 

    I think I have a n/d 70hit and 80hit tjs. Will be 100% sure when I’m home to see if bank hasn’t eaten them 

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  3. 17 hours ago, EDEN said:


    Max or near max psycho ravens (hit)

    Psycho Black Crystal

    Max or near max TJS


    POST x2


    I got pbc 

    TJS (Don’t know what you’re paying for it)

    High hit ravens (sadly just hit)


  4. Got those dts they are just rotting

    Looking for cool stuff to buy. Initially I wanted to buy an sta or DWs but that ain’t gonna happen. 

    Offer me stuff.

    HU stuff

    RA stuff

    battlefo stuff


    im open to all. Since I got quite a few chars to gear. You can either post here or send me private pm.




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