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  1. 51 minutes ago, toxic said:

    I don‘t really want to enter this whole drama thing, but i want to leave something (my opinion) - back to the intention of this post

    there are a few hunters in the shadow of their bigger ones

    like HUcaseal (< HUcast) and RAcaseal (< RAcast>

    i think SS should stay as it is, and should only be usable for those two Hunters, RAcaseal & HUcaseal

    they lack in having a really strong and good single DPS weapon

    if you check other classes:

    HUcast got Psycho Ravens

    HUcaseal got Last Swan, Mille Faucilles, Dual Bird

    HUney got Lindcray

    HUmar got PR


    Rangers got C/D Yas 9000 - overkilling anything


    FO‘s got multiple things like:

    Lindcray, Bringers, Banana Cannon, SoF, Samba Fiesta, Rambling May, etc.


    HUcaseal and RAcaseal have way less ATP then their bigger ones (RAcast & HUcast)

    but in my eyes they profit the most out of SS, with SD they got a weapon that ALMOST hit as hard as RAct/HUct would do with PR‘s

    i mean if you play as RAct or HUct you would have to get close up to enemies but then you can pull out a ton of DMG

    as HUcl/RAcl you wouldn‘t have to get as close as their bigger ones but probably could kill enemies as fast as HUct/RAct, because they need some time to get close up


    thanks for reading, im out of here, just wanted to give my two cents about the weapon 🤷🏼‍♂️


    Have you ever tried sues coat on hucaseal? People disregard armor boost because they are so fixated on STA and dark weapons. Hucaseal is a monster, with her ATA she can hit everything without missing as much as hucast can. I agree everything you said on racaseal, they need love but people should really look into it with more depth when talking about hucaseal because they been using it wrong apparently. I think hucaseal in most cases shines more than hucast. You put sues coat on and adds an extra 100 ATP.

    That puts her at #2 of ATP above humar and with macho blades SD +7 puts her in a really competitive spot and let’s not forget her ATA. 

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  2. I say don’t nerf it but boost it. But on the real the weapon is fine. It’s highly dependent on SD and PB so it’s def not a game breaker. The idea is great, the HU community has been asking for an unlocked MR type weapon for years, and now that they get it, it’s too “game breaking”. I love opinions as much as the next guy but most opinions I’ve seen come off as “complaints”. This server favors rangers, lets be real. Forces have gotten some weapons here and there but not as game breaking as rangers have. My humble LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 opinion. I have more to say but I don’t want to be crucified by the group that hates me. 

    Thank you Lipelis for the effort you put making the post, even if it will become a Trollfest I appreciate the time you took to make it as informative as possible.

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  3. 2 hours ago, Emewn said:

    The special on L&K38 Combat is pimpin', fun to look at, and fun to use against some enemies like Falz.
    Hunters struggle like crazy against Falz on Ultimate. It makes sense to give them the gun that does damage when Falz is invisible.
    Luckily with the release of Serene Swan people can't complain at all about the combo unlocking of L&K38 Combat.

    It's selfish and silly to care so much about the money people spent on this server when deciding these sort of things.
    You gotta consider everybody else man. There are always new users joining Ultima Server ftw.
    What you said is like giving an excuse for the staff to keep making game changing decisions that effect the server's revenue instead of changes that make the server more enjoyable for all players to enjoy.
    I agree that Olga Flow should have a year round drop, but Parasitic Gene Flow is fine for a year round drop if you're out here only worried about people's donations thus far, and the devaluation of item's associated with PGF. 

    If anybody is going to make another unique item aside from PGF to hunt for from Olga Flow with another ID, then I suggest the Emewn Armor. 
    It would be dope if the Emewn Armor gave the user 3 of each trap.
    With the introduction of a quest like Tower of Dreams why not? 
    Emewn Armor can be a solo Time Attack sort of armor that when you're by yourself you gotta decide up until which points you need to save your traps in order to succeed.

    I made my 7 teams, so that all new players can feel welcomed when they first join the server.
    It shames me that staff members choose to make the server so difficult for new users to get good, but instead cater to vets in various ways.
    The first experience people have in PSO ULTIMA is often what determines whether or not those users decide to stick around.
    I hope folks feel welcomed, because the game is hard to get started in without handouts & others to game alongside with, and push in the way as bait. lol nosa

    Being invited to a team, being spoken to with kindness, and helped out when you first join the server definitely encourages new players to come back to Ultima.

    I made my 7 teams, because I want to see PSO become very populated like back in the day.
    I'm 100% certain my welcoming of new players has helped achieve that.

    My point is that we should make decisions that welcome more users instead of pushing the new users away for the sake of some vets.
    Focusing on revenue doesn't help the server grow at all.

    Also, feel free to make Add Slots available to buy with Meseta from Lemon's shop for new users.

    I thought this was emewn guard? When did it change to armor XD

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  4. Extremely messy quest, Tower of nightmares. For the first time we ran it wasn’t that bad. Wish we got spawns better but everything seemed to be all over the place. Overall completion was at a good pace. A lot of epsis. The room where your RR gets unequipped was funny. 

    Overall I suppose it’s a good farming quest.


    GG NO RE @R-78

  5. On 7/15/2019 at 12:39 PM, jj733 said:

    Probably been mentioned before but since we end up with tons of the same items clogging up our banks after hunting for one with hit and/or perfect stats, would it be possible to add a quest to scrap extra items for pds, grinders, materials or something like the event cards that are redeemable for adding %s? 

    Out of all the nagative stuff that has been said, has anyone considered what this man said? It seems to have been lost in the midst of all the high school drama.

    I know @HUNTER_ in the past has brought up amazing ideas, but it seems people are too busy attacking each other. 

    I guess all we have to do is live by our supreme lord @Larva. If he deems it so it will be. Nothing we can do about it. A community goes so far as it’s dictator.

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  6. On 7/11/2019 at 5:11 PM, jezbuz said:

    So... Since nobody posted this yet:

    Serene Swan:


    General Description: Looks like Last Swan, but blue (big shout out to @Noob Saibot for this really cool skin). Rifle range, Fires 4 shoots per attack and it's not a female exclusive.

    Requirement: 170 ATA

    ATP: +15 ( doubt it's variable, but since i haven't found another for comparison, i'm not fully sure for now )

    ATA: +37

    Max Grind: +80 making it a 175 ATP weapon

    Special: Devil

    Tech Boosts: ???

    Equipable by: RAcast, HUcast, FOmarl (haven't tried other classes, since the server is kinda slow right now)

    Combinations: Still haven't tried to combine the weapon with any other item, but most likely not upgradable.


    I know this might not be the place to post this, but at least everyone will see it here. Any errors or additional information that you would like to share about the weapon, just let me know that i'll edit the post asap.

    Enjoy and good luck on your hunts!


    Thank you very much you beautiful bastard. Appreciate you taking the time to post it. My favorite viado,

    yours truly,

    the greatest elitist alive. 

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  7. 25 minutes ago, Emewn said:

    Does damage per second make a difference in the reward item received?

    Nope. Plain dumb luck. Just like CCC. RNG is a cruel mistress.

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  8. 3 hours ago, Hydromystic said:

    When no one was there to help run me through solo ROCT several hundred times, I am so glad to have @tereianne at my side. Although you don’t talk much, you are the best fomarl ever!  

    Shout out also to @Cherry even though they are a racasael :P 

    @fentanyl although you are a shithead with a bad name, you are my shithead and we could always use your freeze traps anyway! 

    @divinora you have the ugliest symbol chats but are essential to my solo ROCTS! (Like a mascot) 

    Thanks for everything guys! 

    You just named all your other personalities.

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