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  1. Ultimate Episode 1, Greenill Ob Lily- LOGiN Magazine Confirmed.
  2. First time ever hunting SoF ever, on any server, I get this bad boy
  3. On a side note, if you have summit moon you can forego getting Glide v.00 as they do the exact same thing: Simple tech boost, except v.00 is just a little bit higher, but realistically you wont be using Simple techs that often anyways.
  4. Try being a Lime for once.
  5. Another thing I regret pretty badly is acting like a complete douche my first year of being here. There really was no reason for it and I felt pretty bad after everything I said and did. So, sorry, about that. I also regret spending dick all trying to hunt STA for Griff. What a waste of my God damn time that was.
  6. I just switched ID's from whitill I'm getting tired of it, I like hunting Space Ships waaaay more as it's my favorite area. Both rates are basically 1/impossible anyways lol.
  7. Thanks, I'm going to try to hunt for Guld as well
  8. What's the best quest to fight Delsabers in Episode 2?
  9. That's not always something that you can help though lol. Everybody is a little ignorant to events and what not.
  10. I love you too man. But fuck you.
  11. Not that I'd want you to lend things to me but I feel like it'd be kind of hard to not remember me
  12. That'd break my heart if I couldn't play online with all my friends.
  13. Very often times I have been asked by old friends of PSO when I used to play on Schthack in the olden days what my biggest regret on the game was. It didn't take me long to come up with a satisfactory answer to that question. My answer? I most regret not getting my best friend banned from the server. To some that might sound pretty friggin crazy right? Why would I ever want to get my best friend at the time banned? Well, to answer that you have to look at the times I was in. I was 13/14 years old at the time, I had been playing Offline on the GCN all my life and I was new to this whole new online thing. My best friend at the time, a RAmar who I will keep unnamed, at the time of when we were playing most together was during an old Schthack Christmas event. The Schthack event during Christmas was notorious for bumping up monster damage and speeds while awarding those who were brave enough to venture into Ultimate with the best weapons of the event in rare presents dropped from the monsters. Well, at the time he wasn't too high of a level on Ultimate, he was about 130 or so, 134 I think. He brought me into a room and told me that people are starting to leave Schthack because getting these gifts are too hard because the monsters are really tough to kill So he told me that he found a weapon that was powerful enough to kill all monsters and bosses in a single hit and I was sooo ignorant at the time and so interested to see. So he took me into a TTF and started to kill everything in one hit; even the dragon boss on ultimate he killed in a single hit. When I asked him how he did it, he told me he was using a third party program that allowed his weapons to one shot kill things. He also listed off a long list of other people who were also using the program on the server at the time. But then he told me, he threatened me that if I had told anybody about this, that he'd get me banned... Me being the scared little kid I was I just said okay and was scared to mention anything. So I didn't He ended up using that cheat engine to get a ton of presents which he got wealthy off of and then used another to duplicate photon spheres so he could max his gear out. I remember going into a room with all his little buddies, all super decked out in rich gear he got from legitimate hunters that he traded illegitimate stuff to them Sitting there with my 0'd spread needle and LK38 combat letting him cheat and letting him and his friends plague the market... If I had known then what I do now I would have totally taken the screen shots, taken the logs and banned him and his idiot friends from the game... Perhaps a lot of things would have gone differently if I did... Tell me your stories of things you regret doing? Always good to share past experiences.
  14. I was running some Solo HUcast Caves earlier today for some dank Chain Swads and I found a couple of these things