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  1. help i want to play psobb

    I can't believe I got email notifications for this.
  2. I mean I agree to remove it as its annoying but if you really liked to sit in lobby and listen to the lobby music couldn't you just do the /lobbyevent command to find an event with music you like?
  3. 9th Anniversary Event - 2017

    I guess right here is a good a place of any to start. Ultima's Engine on Greenil Ultimate Episode 4 Kondrieu confirmed. Just picked one up about 10 minutes ago.
  4. Mock GM Election!

    Oh gee thanks, lol @rayblasterx
  5. Fair enough, I did think that having more ATP than Ultima DF was a little overwhelming for a saber type weapon that is easier to make than DF. I'm actually fairly content with where the ATP sits right now. Thanks for the responses!
  6. Hey, so, I was just fooling around a little bit in Spaceships, just checking the game out again and I was using Hundred Souls and it felt weaker. Did it recently get some sort of damage alteration of some kind? I seem to remember this weapon being way stronger for some reason?
  7. Show your screenshots

    Long time no see, everyone!
  8. -ENDED- MINI EVENT - Give me the plot!

    Out of curiosity, was the criteria for best entries not community upvotes? Or was it based on your own personal enjoyment? Because I just assumed it was community upvote.
  9. Besides I dont possibly see how name changing could even affect GM's in a negative way when the only think GM's need is Guildcard anyways. You don't even need to know the names of people, you only need the Guildcards to get their accounts and what not.
  10. I just think that if you're concerned about name changing because it'll be too confusing, you shouldn't worry because this server is already pretty confusing with everybody having 20+ accounts. Letting people name change in case they dont want a name or two anymore isn't going to make it anymore confusing than it already is.
  11. You could use an argument like that for literally anything. Like it's confusing when people make multiple accounts so why not limit people to one account per person? It's also confusing when people make multiple forum accounts, why not limit people to only making 1 forum account per IP address? You could literally go on forever.
  12. It's only confusing because people don't even list like 99% of their character names in their bios.
  13. Also can we make a side note? Can we please make the text that is like really light gray a different color so it's easier to read? lol
  14. Leaving for awhile

    I hope to see you on again some day soon rendlan =( I will miss you
  15. 2017 New Event Item Poll

    I happen to thoroughly enjoy Sil Dragon Slayer (even though I don't quite have one yet). Crush Cannon would be a big second to me. I really want to find a FotB so I can at least have it for later when I decide to upgrade it with hit and what not. I'd prefer things dropping from mobs more than bosses. To be honest, there's not much fun in doing an entire run for 1 boss and then that boss never drops it imo. I'd rather kill trillions of adds and then get it after the quintillionth kill.