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  1. True I just realised I overlooked the battle unit. The samurai armor is what makes luck go way over. Tried a tweaked version. I tend to only equip smartlink at falz and olga rather than having it permanently equipped. As for 502, I only really use that on my ranger's for hell specials https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/tool-box/calculators/max-stats/&c=2&l=200&m10=72&m11=0&m12=65&m13=13&m14=0&m15=125&m16=0&m20=0&m21=200&m22=0&m23=0&i0=86&i1=39&i2=78&i3=91&i4=100&i5=78 Ed
  2. This one is my Hucast build that maxes every stat. It has a surplus of mats remaining so it could be tweaked. I made mine using a donation/GM mag with 200 POW. https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/tool-box/calculators/max-stats/&c=2&l=200&m10=57&m11=0&m12=60&m13=13&m14=0&m15=125&m16=0&m20=0&m21=200&m22=0&m23=0&i0=86&i1=39&i2=78&i3=78&i4=91&i5=91 Ed
  3. Can you confirm stats on Demon needle  ( 10dts ) from your shop post?

    1. Sylph777


      sorry this item is reserved till monday, if the person doesn't show up, i'll sell it to you

  4. Try changing resolution. A few of them cause my game to crash when starting.
  5. Hi, you free to sell that V101?

    1. Biza


      sure im on game atm party biza pass 145 

    2. iamlost@hotmail.co.uk
  6. I can't seem to

    1. radezz


      It is possible you somehow have the option to message disabled. Check your settings just in case, then call for a GM in the chat if you still dont see the option to message.

  7. PM like this? Sorry not been on here in ages.

  8. "How many years can some people exist before they're allowed to be free?" - Bob Dylan

  9. I wonder...how many of these requests have actually been realised... Ed
  10. Conciousness is a way of perceiving the various dimensions of reality. Conciousness as you know it is highly specialized. The physical senses allow you to perceive the three-dimensional world, and yet by their very nature they can inhibit the perception of other equally valid dimensions. Most of you identify with your daily physically orientated self. You would not think of identifiying with one portion of your body and ignoring all other parts, and yet you are doing the same thing when you i...

  11. The ego is a jealous god, and it wants its interests served. It does not want to admit the reality of any dimensions except those within which it feels comfortable and can understand.

    1. Shoutgu


      Sigmund Freuds theory of the id,ego and superego

    2. iamlost@hotmail.co.uk


      It's an extract from "Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul"

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