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  1. Is it worth adding percents to a Banana Cannon or is it more about the Special? 

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    2. Misombre


      Time is the most expansive thing out there, so...

    3. Shisui


      i need like 12 h to sphere it to 0/0/90/90 xD

    4. jonesy88


      Saith displayed its usefulness to me. I would definitely recommend it. In time I reckon

  2. just found a 40/0/0/40 50 hit girasole....is this a dream? am i being punked

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    2. Fyrewolf5


      That is super sweet, congrats on that nice drop!

    3. radezz


      Wow nice! Super lucky!

    4. shong


      sick find, congrats

  3. THey was knocking on the door, asking can we turn it down. I said ain't no music on, she said nah that W&ED loud.

  4. I'm tired of burying those closest to me. American, open your eyes. Macklemore, much respect. Drug dealer was a doctor....



  5. Just got game running on new computer, schwing. I'll see you all ingame once I figure out my other account name on server...

  6. Hoping to see ole Floyd "Money" Mayweather get worked tonight by PAC man

  7. peeps, add me on skype: bobby.jonesWV88

    1. Hykaro
    2. Hykaro


      UNDER GET SKYPE !! u noob :)

    3. jonesy88


      it's come in handy quite a bit already. I have only used it 1 other time, when foreign exchange babe moved back. Now I use it for video game haha. pretty sweet tho I will say.

  8. #helparashi

    1. serverus


      its done stop posting this lol

  9. Also, anyone news about the event and when its ending? Sorry I have been swamped at work and haven't been on for 2-3 days and gotta move a phone system and the Capitol building in WV so Ill be busy all night and tomm morning :(. Never fails lol. Good luck hunting everyone!

    1. Saber +7

      Saber +7

      Well tbh it is as if there is no event lol

    2. jonesy88


      Pinkal Falz?

  10. Some goodies have been added to my trade list..check it out

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