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  1. 10 minutes ago, R-78 said:

    Indeed, this does not excuse everything you did, and so your other account will remain banned.

    I actually read your private message (the one you sent Saturday) after I banned your other account for good. If you really thought my actions were unfair, you should have tried to discuss first, instead of sending all those slurs. That attitude never gets anyone anywhere and you should know that.
    So now I can tell you: No, the second time I banned you for a week was definitely not simply because you posted << The F(art)-word >>, there were many other offenses you posted that day, which I will refrain from posting here.

    Not only those chatbox incidents but also your behavior in game has been reported several times.

    At least your apologies are better than nothing.
    Personally I am not going to ban this account. I don't care either if you want to start fresh again. It is easy anyway to change your IP, name and be a new person so no one notices.
    You already lost everything you had, and didn't win anything at the end, so I just hope this was a good lesson to you.

    Feel free to make a new game account, but I will ban you again at the first offense.

    in fact I reported him like 4 times in less than an hour for several issues but meh. I just read most of the ppl are ok with it and I personally do too. the human don't change behaviors but we can adapt ourselves :P i hope raz just understand the point of playing videogames :P

    Edit: I believe this post can be closed. 

  2. Man its a hard one

    I admit i respect all 5, its a pleasure to have em in the server and this is a really hard one :/

     i think i would go for R-78 the queen really care bout us, she invest her time sharing us so much fun and help aswell in her own way. I really think she can feet the GM roll very well :) shes active and always remains neutral and chilled don't mater what :)



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  3. 14 minutes ago, Soly said:

    I just tried it and it works just fine.

    Not saying the "no item from jacko" bug is fixed, but I didn't get any message about unsealing so you probably just had some desync.

    I think he means he didn't had the item from jacko meanwhile he were using limiter... i were using limiter to farm them so probably its a bug caused by the limiter... its a good lead to be honest because i haven't had any problem before and i had opened more than 500 presents but its the first time i opened them with limiter on and i had big loses...

  4. indeed, i opened around 20 lanterns already and from these lanterns i got around 15 items only... even thou i got 2-3 of all and 0s soul for some reason xD in fact my last run i opened 3 and i just had 1 chuchu only not others...

  5. 27 minutes ago, Larva said:

    This will be the last week of the event ending in the morning of Monday 1th October.

    Spread the word.

    Eres la onda gracias :) por cierto, checa los fire rod no he visto caer de gibles en whitil y se supone que deberian caer más que el bombchu de lili.

  6. Yeah xaveria, is matter of luck, did you meet nova while we hunting, we do 3h or more of daily hunt and he has found just a pbc since the event started and we most hunt for CB, also i had 2 cb only but like soly says i hunted since event started for like 4 hours earlier and 3 in the night with my friends.


    A good friend just told me there is 2 moments in pso lucky 1 when you are the saltiest person ever or when you got banner streak... and its true, happens more than you think.

  7. 8 hours ago, Choko said:

    I lost the Heat Sword that my father gave to me.

    Ca... can you help me? Please? I almost killed a Dragon. But... but... My HEAT SWORD... My dad gave HEAT SWORD to me... It's really important to me. I don't know how it was taken from me. I cannot do my job without it! Please get it back from me. Please get my HEAT SWORD back to me. Perhaps it's in the Dragon's stomach!

    Did u tried alt + backspace twice? 

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